United States bank receives death threats

Friday, July 6, 2007

Goldman Sachs building in Jersey City, New Jersey

Authorities from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation are currently investigating death threats targeted towards the New York investment firm Goldman Sachs. Threatening letters were sent to 20 U.S. newspapers, stating: "Goldman Sachs. Hundreds will die. We are inside. You cannot stop us."

The letter was described as being neatly written in red ink on blue-lined loose-leaf paper, and was signed "A.Q.U.S.A". The letters were believed to have been mailed from Queens, New York. The bank is working closely with law enforcement authorities, however, it was told by Goldman Sachs that the threat is not likely to be credible.

A spokesperson for the bank says they take any threat very seriously. "We have a broad range of security measures in place to counter all likely threats and we're monitoring the situation closely."

Goldman Sachs is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major financial centers. More than 3,000 of its employees work in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the state's tallest building.