Ukraine refused Moldova in extradition of Malhaz Djaparidze and liberated him

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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The Court of Appeal of Odessa decided to free Malhaz Djaparidze, on March 24, according to Kiev press. The court's decision was based on a letter from the Central Administrative Board of Justice of the Odessa area, signed by Deputy Minister Valery Lutkovskoj. A letter from the Ukrainian Minister of Justice referencing more European legislative acts would set him free. According to the press, the letter says that Ukraine refused to extradite Malhaz to Moldova, despite the request of the Moldovan Mister of Justice.

Malhaz, 44, was arrested in Kherson on February 13 by Ukrainian police. After he was arrested, the General Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had initiated the extradition procedure of Malhaz Djaparidze.

Malhaz Djaparidze disappeared on July 18, 2007 from a prison camp, helped by two policemen. The policemen accompanied Malhaz with their own car to a bathhouse in Durlesti, at the outskirts of Chisinau, where he disappeared.

Malhaz's crime ring was broken some years ago, but some of its members, who are still free, are very active. The group is suspected of committing more crimes in Moldova: burglaries, thefts, armed robberies, drug running and others.