US teen missing in Aruba feared dead

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Missing American teen Natalee Holloway, who vanished on the Dutch island of Aruba two weeks ago, is feared to be dead today following a suspect's statement earlier this morning. The suspect, who is yet to be named, told police that "something bad happened" to the missing teen. Police Commissioner District 1 Gerold Dompig said that the suspect was leading police to a scene, where it is believed a major update to the case is to be found.

Two security guards were taken into police custody early last week: 28-year-old Abraham Jones and 30-year-old Mickey John. Additionally, three teenagers who were believed to be the last people to have seen Halloway are now under custody. Among the three teenagers is 18-year-old Satish Kalpoe, 21-year-old Depak Kalpoe, and 17-year-old Joran van der Sloot, a friend of the brothers and son to a Judicial Servant.

Anita van der Sloot, mother of suspect Joran van der Sloot, told American news network CNN that her son stated to her that he was "innocent", and even offered to speak to Holloway's family. No announcement from police has yet confirmed the death of Holloway.