US presidential candidate Ron Paul breaks online fundraising record

Monday, December 17, 2007

Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention on June 15, 2007.
Image: The Reverend Richard B. Deyoung II.

United States presidential candidate Ron Paul, has broken a fund raising record by raising over US$6,000,000 on the internet in 24 hours on December 16, setting the record for the most money raised in a single day online. John Kerry held the previous record of US$5.7 million.

Paul's goal for the fourth quarter fund raising bid was US$12 million, but so far has managed to raise over US$18 million.

At least 58,000 people contributed financially to Paul's campaign, 25,000 of which were contributing to his campaign for the first time.

Campaign officials say they will use the money for advertising on television in several states including Florida and California but primarily New Hampshire and Iowa. More people are also expected to be hired onto to his campaign.

The fund raising campaign, which was held on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party was organized and operated by volunteers. The same volunteers also organized a re-enactment of the Tea Party which Paul attended and marched with supporters from The Statehouse to Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.

On November 5, Paul raised over US$4 million in 24 hours.