UK Wikinews Shorts: March 3, 2010

A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

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Dead body discovered in lake in Leicestershire, England

The dead body of a woman has been found in a lake in Leicestershire, England. A person who happened to be passing by discovered the body of the woman, who is currently remaining unidentified, in a lake in Watermead Country Park, located between the villages of Birstall and Thurmaston. The police received a notification from the passer-by at approximately 2030 GMT on Sunday. The body has now been recovered from the lake. The reason that the woman had died has currently not yet been determined.

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Constabulary stated: "The body of a woman was recovered from the lake and she was pronounced dead at the scene. Inquiries are being made surrounding the incident but at this stage we do not believe the death is suspicious."


One dead after car crash in north-east Wales

A man has died after crashing his car on a main road in the north-east of Wales, close to the England-Wales border. The gentleman, who is currently remaining unidentified, was travelling in his silver Peugeot car on the A483 road, close to the village of Chirk when the vehicle departed from the main road and descended down an enbankment. The North Wales Ambulance Service was alerted to the scene of the one-vehicle crash at 1143 GMT on Monday. The driver of the vehicle was declared at the scene of the collision.

The road was closed in both directions for a few hours, but is expected to reopen shortly. According to North Wales Police, an investigation to try and determine the exact time of when the incident occurred is currently taking place.