UK Member of Parliament, Charles Kennedy, caught smoking on train

Friday, July 6, 2007

Charles Kennedy

Just days after the introduction of the partial ban on smoking in England, the Liberal Democrats Member of Parliament, Charles Kennedy has been caught smoking on a train today. The incident occurred on the 1105 BST (UTC+1) Paddington to Plymouth First Great Western service.

The train manager is reported to have contacted the British Transport Police, who met the train when it arrived in Plymouth, and has said that "the matter was resolved informally". A police spokesman said, "He basically said he thought it was OK because he was leaning out of a window". Kennedy was informed that this wasn't the case and was not arrested.

Kennedy has tried to quit smoking for a while and, speaking before the birth of his son said "I am determined that it is going to be phased out altogether - particularly since the arrival of the new one."

A ban on smoking in indoor public places came into force on July 1 in England and anyone caught smoking illegally can be fined up to £200.

Charles Kennedy was the leader of the Liberal Democrats until January 2006 when he resigned after admitting he was suffering from a problem with alcohol.