Two news helicopters crash in Phoenix, Arizona

Friday, July 27, 2007

Aerial view of Phoenix, Arizona.
Image: Travis'Phone.
Map of the United States, highlighting Arizona

Four people are dead after two news helicopters crashed in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. The helicopters were covering a high-speed chase within the city, when, at the same time as the suspect left his car in order to carjack another car, the two choppers inadvertently crashed into each other. Wikinews has learned that the two helicopters belong to independent TV station KTVK (Channel 3), and ABC affiliate KNXV (Channel 15).

There is still no word on an exact cause of the collision, however, the FAA is reviewing tapes to see if the helicopter pilots were communicating with air traffic controllers at the time.

On a tape of radio transmissions from the Channel 15 helicopter, pilot Craig Smith (of KNXV-TV) can be heard asking, "Where's 3? Like how far? Oh jeez", followed by "3, I'm right over you. 15's right over you." Moments later, the sound of the crash was heard over the air on Channel 15's signal, which then went to static.