Two charged in Heathrow bomb threat

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A similar Emirates air Boeing 777-300 landing at Heathrow Airport
Image: Adrian Pingstone.

Police brought charges against two men in connection to a bomb threat that delayed a Dubai bound Emirates flight departing from London's Heathrow Airport. 58-year-old Robert Fowles was charged with making bomb threats and public drunkenness, along with 48-year-old Alexander McGinn who was also charged with public drunkenness. A 36-year old man was also arrested, but was later released with no charges.

Flight number EK004 was using a Boeing 777-300 and had more than 330 passengers on board. Passengers said that the flight was searched quickly, and that no bombs or other suspicious items were found.

Airports around the world have had raised levels of security since the failed bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253. In the wake of the incident, British airports will install body scanners within the next month.