Two arrests at Liverpool airport after attempt to smuggle corpse onto flight

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Liverpool's John Lennon Airport in 2009
Image: comedy_nose.

Anke Anusic, age 44, and her mother Gitta, age 66, were arrested at Liverpool John Lennon Airport last Saturday for attempting to smuggle the body of their deceased 91-year-old relative, "Willi" Curt Jaran, on a flight to Berlin, Germany.

The women tried to take the body on to the plane in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses, and they claimed that the person was asleep. They had previously used a taxi to bring the corpse from their home in Oldham.

The deception was discovered by check-in staff; both airport staff and the taxi driver are said to be upset by the events. Though they have not explained their actions, the costs of transporting a body can be several thousand pounds. They have been arrested on suspicion of failing to report a death. Both women are German nationals.

The two women, however, claim that Mr Jaran was alive until check in.