Two arrested over Belfast, Northern Ireland fatal shooting

Saturday, March 3, 2012

In the city centre of Belfast, the Northern Irish capital, a man has been killed in a shooting incident. Police have arrested one man and one woman for his murder.

The victim, identified as Christopher Mackin, was aged 31. He died at the Royal Victoria Hospital after the shooting. It is believed he was shot as many as four times in the incident at College Square North at approximately 2130 UTC Thursday.

Colin Keenan, a councillor for the Social Democratic and Labour Party, said the attack "has completely sent shockwaves through this community", while Lord Mayor of Belfast Niall Ó Donnghaile described the situation as "very worrying".

As of yet, no motive for this murder has been given. According to Detective Chief Inspector John McVea, police were "not looking at" possible paramilitary involvement. "He was known to police but I am not looking at any of his previous involvement with police as the motive for this murder", stated McVea. He believed the motive for this murder "lies more in close associations with Christopher Mackin and I don't think it involves any of his previous criminal activity".