Trans-Atlantic 'air rage' incident ends safely

Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Air Canada flight from Toronto to London on 6th December was disrupted by a passenger who began shouting in an apparent case of "air rage". This incident became the subject of a hit video this week.

During the apparent panic attack, a man identified as "Jay" indicated fears that he was about to be shot to death, in addition to uttering obscenities and racist comments. He was restrained by several members of the flight crew and the flight landed safely at Heathrow Airport. Authorities did not place the passenger under arrest at London, and Air Canada indicated there was no danger from this outburst.

However, a video of the incident was broadcast on YouTube by "2003tiburon" who with his partner was on the flight and was close enough to the incident to capture a video. The clip received nearly 120 000 views as of 17:30 UTC Saturday.