Toy maker Mattel recalls more products

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toy manufacturer Mattel announced today that they are recalling more products over fears of dangerous levels of lead in the toy's paint. This soft, but heavy and poisonous metal can be fatal when there is more than 10 μg/dL in the blood.

The 800,000 toys have been recalled over safety fears and are thought to be mostly Barbie products. This recall has increased the concern over the safety of the Chinese production process. The lead paint was traced to an un-authorised producer and that firm was closed down, however the most recent source has not yet been located.

Chinese production accounts for almost 65% of Mattel's overall production. Mattel is considered as one of the most stringent producers in the market however their reputation is in danger. Toys that are currently being produced are being packaged ready for the Christmas rush, however there are fears that if these are recalled then there will be a Christmas shortage.