Three students killed in Ohio school shooting, others injured

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Authorities have confirmed that three students have died following a shooting which occurred at an Ohio school early on Monday. The third, Demetrius Hewlin, died Tuesday morning, according to media sources. The alleged gunman is identified as T.J. Lane, a sophomore at the high school in the town of Chardon, population about 5,000. Witnesses report the event began in the school's cafeteria around 7:40am on Monday.

School officials placed the school on lockdown during the incident, according to a witness. Reportedly a teacher acted to protect one injured student by dragging him into his classroom. The alleged gunman's family stated through an attorney their sorrow over the events. They also extended their condolences to the other students' families.

The town's police chief said the gunman's motives are unclear. Prosecutor David Joyce told reporters he does not anticipate the case remaining in the juvenile court system. The school is set to resume classes again on Friday, after staff, students and parents have had opportunity to receive counseling.