Three injured in Gaza after Israeli airstrikes

Friday, April 2, 2010

According to reports, multiple Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have injured three children, including one infant.

According to a reporter for Al Jazeera, at least six locations were attacked by the strikes; meanwhile, Palestinian sources told the BBC that there were a total of at least thirteen strikes. A correspondent for the BBC reported that the attacks were the most serious in the area in over a year.

Israel's military commented that it was targeting weapon storage areas in the centre of the Gaza Strip, and that their move was a reaction to rockets fired from Gaza. "Israel will not tolerate terroristic activity inside Gaza that threatens Israeli citizens," read a statement by the armed forces.

According to Palestinian news agencies, Israeli aircraft threw leaflets around areas of Gaza yesterday, cautioning people that there would be retaliation for clashes near Khan Younis last week, which killed two Israeli troops.

Hamas officials and witnesses reported that farms, a milk factory, small areas belonging to the Hamas military, and metal workshop facilities were targeted.