Three Romanian ports closed due to heavy fog

Monday, February 28, 2005

The Constanţa port, Romania's largest, was closed due to the fog...
... as was the Danube-Black Sea Canal, a major transitway for ships between the North Sea and the Black Sea

Bucharest, Romania — The Romanian Black Sea ports of Constanţa, Midia and Mangalia were closed on Saturday due to heavy fog. The Danube-Black Sea Canal was also caused due to reduced visibility. The canal, which runs for 64 km, is an important part of the European shipping channel that links the North Sea to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

The port closures left 54 ships in the harbour or stranded at sea, said Alexandru Mezei, the director of shipping navigation at Constanţa Port, the largest port in Romania. However, he claims that the closure was necessary to prevent accidents from occurring, as the fog had reduced visiblity below safe levels.