Recall of Newborn Infamil

It seems that it is the cans that are being recalled. If one considers the opportunities for the baby to come into contact with bacteria in the home OTHER than from the formula, it could well be the cause of the child's death. Proper thorough cleaning of the bottle, teat and any countertops or draining racks is essential. Thorough handwashing is obvious. Running the bottles and teats through the dishwasher is also a good idea. Pets can easily touch the baby's face, hands and even the feeding bottle if it is placed on a coffee table or such. Handling the dirty diaper, forgetting to thoroughly wash one's hands, there are several things like this that need to be hard-wired into the parent to avoid infection. Handling the baby when visitors come should be limited, exposure to bacteria can be easily avoided if these precautions are taken. I feel terrible for these parents in their loss, and at this time of year too. I have a new granddaughter and can only imagine their sense of loss. (talk)14:29, 24 December 2011