Thanks for your feed back, sometimes its difficult to avoid tunnel vision and miss points that seem obvious to other readers, the great thing about wikinews is unlike the "dollar media", wikinews is written by people like you and me. This article is still "alive" that is not yet archived and locked from editing, as such and you are more than welcome, in fact positively encouraged to, to edit the article to address any concerns or shortcomings you find. Sign up for an account (its free and easy), have a quick look at the how to write an article page, and Bob's your uncle.KTo288 (talk) 16:14, 11 April 2010 (UTC)

KTo288 (talk)16:14, 11 April 2010

Sorry ignore my advice above as I seem to be out of datewith regards to current policy. seems like we are only meant to make minor changes to published articles, doesn't stop you from writing a new related article though.

KTo288 (talk)22:56, 12 April 2010