Women in Saudia Arabia

There are specifications in Islam about women not being able to drive or traveling without males for back then in the desert it was a very dangerous time and women were and still are constantly put at risk. So, you should not say that these things are put into effect into Saudi Arabia because they're "Sunni Islam" principles. These principles were applied during that time range (and still are but in CERTAIN circumstances). In Islam, it is Sunnah and is mandatory that women have equal rights to men. The government of Saudia Arabia mixes their own culture in with religion as well as distorts, and takes part of principles (when they should take the whole) and label the whole thing as "religious principles" or a "religious government" or "sunni islam". When in fact, it's just a form of government wrongfully contorting a perfect religion to fit its own needs. Muslim women have rights, and hopefully this form of government will begin to rightfully value that. (talk)03:14, 16 October 2011