I personally know numerous 9/11 responders who were directly told by US government officials on the scene that the air was safe to breathe, they did not need the air respirators (which had no filters at the time) and that they should continue working in that environment. They were lied to and now each of these responders suffers chronic and life threatening respiratory illnesses as a result.

This bill you are so speaking out against provides critical and expensive medical support for these individuals and many others in even worse circumstances resulting from their response to 9/11.

These are NOT individuals who are eligible for support from NYS or NYC sources that goes to NYPD, FDNY or victim families. They have no other support and the resulting costs would likely bankrupt many of these families.

They were deceived about the safety of the environment and told to continue with their work. It's bad enough they now suffer physical ailments as a result of their response in time of emergency. They should not be expected to suffer a second round of injury through financial devastation to boot. (talk)19:42, 4 February 2011