Jewish State and peace.

I am semitic myself. All ancient tribal people will have Jewish roots because Judaism is so ancient. I hurt for my Jewish brethren, though what acceptance I would gain, is arguable. The Jewish people have suffered so much through history that now, finally having found their homeland, not just any homeland, but the promised land, they want to make sure they never lose it again. One can understand this. Yet history shows -- the treaty of Versailles for example -- that history offers no assurances of peace. Peace has to be won, each year every year. History shows that peace is not the natural human condition. One can not buy insurance for it. If there is any insurance for peace, it is justice. We have seen over and over, when justice is denied, peace is denied a chance as well. The holocaust sufferings of the Jewish people, well documented, were not at the hands of Muslims nor of Palestinians. Yet by taking over their lands and property, Israel, and by extension, the Zionists, are doing what was done to them. The victims have become the victors. The executed have become the executioners. The persecuted have become the 'persecutioners'. The persecutioners, the executioners and victors have trouble being the peacemakers. I would urge the peace loving Jews, start with "Shalom." 5000 + years of history, all of it peaceful, (until the mid-twentieth century), ought to allow you to consider actions aimed at the next 5000 years not the next 100. I wish you peace, Israel. Consider it for selfish reasons. If Israel has peace, the world will have peace -- this is the recent history lesson. To deny this, is for many people, the same as what it is for you, when others deny the holocaust. Lets be real. (talk)22:43, 18 February 2014