Still not a replacement.

There are many benefits to human milk, "human proteins" is not why it is best.

"Our study describes transgenic cattle whose milk offers the similar nutritional benefits as human milk," Li wrote in the journal.

Breastfeeding: A mother's body provides immunities to mutually contracted virus. Milk supply is regulated naturally. (It's hard to underfeed/overfeed) Contents of milk change with needs.

The only way I see this being commercially available is if mothers are convinced it's a valid replacement. Most mothers are perfectly capable of breastfeeding.

Crazy-ass China. (talk)16:22, 4 April 2011

That was my impression as well - human milk provides antibodies to the baby. I didn't see anything about antibodies in the article, just proteins. (talk)04:58, 5 April 2011

Most mothers, but not all, and if I remember correctly there isn't enough to go around. A better, cheaper substitute than the ones we have (and use!) would help. (talk)13:16, 24 April 2011