Disgrace To Canada

People who get involved in sport generally do so for health reasons. When we see someone competing we want to see someone who is healthy, and who is doing the sport to improve their own lives. It motivates other people to do the same in order to improve their own lives. Taking short cuts like steroids only harm the body and cause problems later on in life. Ben Johnson shamed Canada by using and lying about using steroids. If there was any professional system for coachs, the coach that introduced Johnson to steroids should have been barred from coaching again.

Real athletes do not want to compete against records set by steroid users. It becomes a sad joke when every professional in competition is using steroids. It's like "keeping up with the jones". Because each one cheats, the bar has to be set higher, resulting in everyone cheating and suffering because of it.

Do I care if runners run 100m .1 of a second slower? No. I don't.

Personally I'm glad to see that this coach is dead. He was a shame to the coaching profession in general, which should try to help people achieve healthier lives, and not to ruin their own lives. (talk)15:22, 13 May 2010