Thirty injured as bus crashes in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A double-decker bus has overturned in Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland. Approximately thirty people have been left injured as a result of the road traffic collision near Belfast Central railway station, located close to the centre of the city. The incident occurred at around 1415 BST (1315 UTC) today.

According to ambulance service spokesperson John McPoland, "The vast majority of those on the bus are being taken to hospital by ambulance." He continued, "Thankfully no one is seriously hurt; a lot of people are walking wounded. Probably the driver is the most seriously injured and he's been taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital, but it's not expected his injuries are life-threatening."

The driver of the bus was extracted from the wreckage with the use of cutting equipment. The victims have been transported to four separate hospitals in Belfast. The bus was the only vehicle to have been involved in the accident. No passengers are thought to have been killed or seriously injured.

Albertbridge Road and East Bridge Street in Belfast have been closed as a result of the crash. According to a spokesperson for Translink, "an investigation is underway into what happened". The vehicle has been removed from the scene for investigative purposes. Railway services at the nearby station remain unaffected.