The Pirate Bay back online

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Swedish BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay is back online following the Swedish police raid of their office on May 31.

Pirate Bay has previously announced on their website that they "will be up and fully functional within a day or two". A Pirate Bay spokesperson identified as brokep told Slyck News that if necessary, they'd reopen in another country. The reopened website is currently hosted in the Netherlands.

The web page titles have been changed to The Police Bay and the indexing capability is reduced, with the search function disabled, though this is expected to change. All searches are now returned with the error message:

No hits due to politics
The search function will be back later today

Searches can still be done with Google and other search engines by adding to the search. Most attempts at downloading .torrent files resulted in 404 Not Found error messages during the first hours after the site went back online, however torrent downloads seem to be working fairly well now.

Currently 11:00 a.m. June 6 EDT, The Pirate Bay seems to be back and operational, but downloads still aren't working too well; you may be able to, you may not. There's probably a lot of traffic right now.