Texas governor and health officials address public regarding Ebola case

Friday, October 3, 2014

Governor Rick Perry.
Image: Gage Skidmore.

Texas Governor Rick Perry met with public health officials Wednesday in a press conference concerning a case of Ebola, the first case diagnosed on US soil.

Accompanied by those officials, he assured Texas citizens that steps were being taken to protect the public's safety. Perry specifically said, "There are few places in the world better equipped to meet the challenge that is posed in this case." The governor also stated, "Today, we learned that some school aged children have been identified as having had contact with the patient." He went on to say, "This case is serious. Rest assured that our system is working as well as it should."

Dr. David Lakey, Commissioner of the state's public health agency said in a recorded video statement, "This event right now is going to be contained. [...] the patient here in Dallas, he's getting tremendous care in a very good medical facility." The man's condition on Wednesday was listed as serious.

The patient is a man who recently returned to the US after visiting Liberia. A doctor with the hospital, Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, told media the man's initial complaints were, "...very nondescript." Reportedly, the man had sought treatment at that facility last week, but was sent home. When the man returned to the hospital on Sunday, his condition was properly diagnosed and he was admitted.