Usage edit

This subtemplate determines whether to display some text based on whether a particular subset of votings is being displayed and, if so, which subset the given text belongs to.

Param name Description
1= The text possibly to be displayed
entry= or item= The nature of this particular text (required)
row= The nature of the things currently being displayed (optional; if omitted, everything is being displayed)

If row is non-blank, the text is only displayed when row is equal to entry (or, in its absence, item).

Row names in use at this writing are: production, community, admin.

Examples edit

code output
{{Votings/select|quux|entry=foo}} quux
{{Votings/select|quux|entry=foo|row=foo}} quux

Internals edit

row parameter values propagate from MediaWiki:Recentchanges-summary. entry parameter values are specified at the calls to this subtemplate in {{votings}}, {{votings/head}}, and {{votings/tail}}.