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[edit] Template documentation


This template lists how many things requiring attention, of what kind, are currently taking place on the project. Each item listed provides a link to the relevant page where the things of that kind can be found. Many of the counts are maintained manually, by editing this template directly, and the markup in the template is therefore arranged to be especially easy to understand, with all the messy stuff sequestered into subtemplates. (A benefit of manually updating counts is that it causes the updates to appear in Special:RecentChanges and on watchlists.)

Clients might wish to call subtemplate {{votings/sorted}} instead of calling the main template directly.

Optional parameter x can be used to exclude either zero entries if x=+, or non-zero entries if x=0.

Optional parameter row excludes entries not earmarked for the specified row.


The manually maintained counts here use {{votings/n}}. The messy stuff is in {{votings/head}} and {{votings/tail}}, and a call to {{votings/select}} arranged to unobtrusively surround the entire block of manually maintained counts. Optional parameters x and row are not processed in the main template, but are passed through to various subtemplates (both parameters to {{votings/head}} and {{votings/tail}}; x to {{votings/n}}; row to a {{votings/select}}).

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