Usage edit

This subtemplate displays an item in the {{votings}} list. If zero the item is greyed, and if non-zero it may be emphasized by an optional background color; there is also an optional suffix which if provided is always shown.

Syntax: {{Votings/n|text|link|number|suffix|color}}

Param name Description
1= text= The name for the number being displayed (e.g. Pages for review)
2= link= The name of a page that the number should be linked to (e.g. WN:RFP)
3= number= The number to display (optional; defaults to 0)
4= suffix= An optional note to be added after the number (e.g. reviews). If the number is not 0, it is shown in boldface.
5= color= The background color to be used if the number is not 0. (optional)
x= An optional mode to exclude either zero entries if x=+, or non-zero entries if x=0

Internals edit

The item has an html class, either votings-0 or votings-non-0, which relates to MediaWiki:Gadget-hidevotings.css.

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