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This template generates a DPL of latest published articles on given topic.



  • 1 — optional — category whose stories are to be listed; defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
  • 2 — optional — second category to which results are limited, listing the intersection of the two categories.
  • count — optional — number of articles to list; default is 10.
  • offset — optional — number of articles to skip at the top of the list; default is 0. For use with id, see below.
  • scrollable — optional — if non-blank, provides buttons for scrolling chronologically through the list; requires offset to be a parameter to the displayed page which is passed in to here, and scrolling is not separate for different lists displayed on the same page.
  • id — optional — if non-blank, distinguishes between multiple scrollable translcusions of the template on a single page. One scrollable transclusion per page can safely go without an id parameter; each of the others should have an id parameter distinguishing it from all other translcusions of this template on the page.

When passing offset into a scrollable transclusion, the value passed in must be a template parameter with default value 0; for a scrollable transclusion without id, specify offset={{{offset|0}}}, or for a scrollable transclusion with id id, specify offset={{{offset-id}}}. For example, one might have

{{topic cat/latest|{{PAGENAME}}|Original reporting|offset={{{offset-original|0}}}|scrollable=yes|id=original}}

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