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[edit] Template documentation


For a typical topic category, cut and paste the following sample code, and customize it as explained below.

{{Topic cat
 |intro = 
 |image = 
 |imagecaption = 
 |portal = no
 |offset = {{{offset|0}}}
 |sisterprojects = yes
 |wikibooks = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
 |commons = Category:{{subst:PAGENAME}}
 |wikidata = 
 |wikiquote = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
 |wikisource = Author:{{subst:PAGENAME}}
 |wiktionary = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
 |wikiversity = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
 |wikivoyage = {{subst:PAGENAME}}


  1. Put categories below the template. People get [[Category:News articles by person]], and at least one descendant of Category:People by occupation; countries get [[Category:News articles by country]].
  2. Optionally, provide an intro; it completes the descriptive sentence,
    This is the category for {{PAGENAME}}, {{{intro}}}.
  3. Optionally, provide an image, and perhaps a caption for the image; additional smaller images can also be included (see below).
  4. Check all the sister links, and adjust or remove them as appropriate.
    • When looking for an alternative on any project, don't forget to check namespaces that aren't on the default search. (E.g., Wikisource default search only checks main and author.)
    • commons=link overrides the default Commons link, {{PAGENAME}}. commons=no suppresses the Commons link entirely.
    • wikipedia=link overrides the default Wikipedia link, {{PAGENAME}}. wikipedia=no suppresses the Wikipedia link entirely.
    • If a sister doesn't have a suitable page in the English project but does in some other language, the latter may be linked by attaching the language prefix to the target; for example, if Andrés Manuel López Obrador has no page at English Wikiquote, but does have one at Spanish Wikiquote, one might specify wikiquote=es:Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Additional, less frequent customizations:

  • An additional parameter usage note can be used to specify a supplementary note on how to use the category, beyond what is implied by the introductory sentence. The note is displayed as a separate paragraph after the introductory sentence.
  • An additional parameter the can be set to non-blank, to insert the word "the" before the topic name in the descriptive sentence.
  • An additional parameter no comma can be set to non-blank, to suppress the comma between topic and non-blank intro in the descriptive sentence.
  • An additional parameter pipe can be used to specify a different name for the topic in the descriptive sentence, instead of {{PAGENAME}}.
  • An additional parameter target can be used to specify a different target for the primary link in the descriptive sentence; if used, this replaces the entire wikipedia target, including the "w:", so it can link to a page on any sister project, or to a page on Wikinews.
  • An additional parameter external can be used to specify an external URL. (Use with discretion, please.)
  • An additional parameter image size can be used to override the default size of the main image (default is 250px).
  • An additional parameter image alt can be used to override the default alt text for the main image (default is image with the file extension stripped off).
  • Any of additional parameters locmap, coat, emblem, logo, seal, flag can be used to provide additional smaller images. When using flag, consider suffixing the file name with {{!}}border.
  • An additional parameter meta can be used to specify a sister link to that project.
  • An additional parameter portal can be set either to no, suppressing the portal link even if the portal exists; or to a different portal-space page name to use instead of {{PAGENAME}} (so the page checked for, and linked if it exists, is Portal:{{{portal).
  • An additional parameter nolist can be set to non-blank, to suppress the list of latest news.
  • Parameter sisterprojects can be set to no, or omitted, to omit the sister links section altogether.
  • An additional parameter category can be used to specify what to list under Latest stories; this should be used if the category name contains any of certain special characters, such as apostrophe, that prevent {{PAGENAME}} from generating a correct article-list due to a known bug in the wiki software.
  • Removing parameter offset prevents the latest-article list from offering a scroll-down button.

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