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  1. UK court remands man in custody over Leytonstone knife attack  (28 hits last hour)
  2. Car bombing kills Yemen government official; ISIS claims responsibility  (15 hits last hour)
  3. UK begins airstrikes against IS in Syria  (8 hits last hour)
  4. British actor John Inman dies at 71  (8 hits last hour)
  5. Royal Canadian Mint unveils world's largest gold coin  (7 hits last hour)
  6. At least 52, including six Shia Muslim activists, to be executed in Saudi Arabia  (7 hits last hour)
  7. Wikinews visits the 2008 Reno Air Races  (6 hits last hour)
  8. Volkswagen emissions scandal may affect thousands more cars  (6 hits last hour)
  9. U.S. Secret Service conducts drone exercise  (6 hits last hour)
  10. Investigators blame pilot error for AirAsia crash into Java Sea  (6 hits last hour)
  11. Scottish Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey 'critically ill' says Royal Free Hospital  (5 hits last hour)
  12. Indiana Governor signs needle exchange program  (5 hits last hour)
  13. David Letterman signs off after 33 year career on the Late Show  (5 hits last hour)
  14. Athens bomb targets business group, damages Cypriot embassy  (5 hits last hour)
  15. Yankees win 3 in 4 game series with Red Sox  (4 hits last hour)

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