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Strega Winning the Gold Ulimited at RAR2009.jpg
[edit] Credit: Jon Davis
Strega crossing the finish line to win the Gold Unlimited class at the Reno Air Races 2009

6 Blue Angels in Formation at RAR2009.jpg
[edit] Credit: Jon Davis
6 Blue Angels in formation at the 2009 Reno Air Races

Fighter jets shadow an unresponsive plane that went on to crash in Greece. Five defendants have pleaded not guilty to almost 2,000 offenses related to the disaster in Cyprus.  » Full story

Rainy Accident in Downtown Pleasant Hill.JPG
[edit] Credit: Jon Davis
The first rain of the season once again proves to be very dangerous as a vehicle sits with a lamppost resting on top of it in California, USA.

National Park Service 9-11 Statue of Liberty and WTC fire.jpg
[edit] Credit: National Park Service
After eight years, the 9/11 attacks have been remembered in New York City, at the site of the former World Trade Center. Other memorial services were held at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  » Full story

Piquet 2008 Singapore GP.jpg
[edit] Credit: Benjamin Chia
Renault must face a charge of causing this Formula One crash on purpose to fix the outcome of a race last year.  » Full story

China Airlines B-18616 fire.jpg
[edit] Credit: Thomas Mitchell
An investigation has blamed the design of a bolt assembly as well as maintenance procedures for the fire and explosions that destroyed this jet in 2007  » Full story


Thomas Cook Dublin protest.jpg
Credit: infomatique
Thomas Cook Group, a travel company, has been embroiled in a labor dispute in Dublin, Ireland  » Full story


Canberra's Sophie Lavers crowned Miss World Australia  » Full story

Billy Mays Full Image 7.jpg
Widely recognized salesman Billy Mays died on June 28  » Full story


Air France Flight 447 path.png
Aircraft and water vessels from the French and Brazilian militaries were searching the Atlantic after an Airbus A330 Air France disappeared over the ocean on June 1. Pictured here is the approximate route that the plane is predicted to have taken.  » Full story


Obama and Sotomayor.jpg
On May 26, U.S. President Barack Obama chose Sonia Sotomayor, a United States Court of Appeals judge, as his first nominee to the United States Supreme Court.  » Full story
H1N1 map.svg
A map showing the spread of the A(H1N1) flu virus around the world.

██ Confirmed cases followed by death

██ Confirmed cases

██ Unconfirmed or suspected cases

 » Full story


Rättegången mot TPB - 2009-02-16 (gabbe).jpg
A court in Sweden found at least four administrators of the file-sharing site The Pirate Bay (TPB) guilty of being "accessories to copyright infringement" on Friday, April 17. Pictured here are protestors demonstrating on the first day of the trial.  » Full story


Tata Nano Yellow.jpg
The world's least expensive car, the Tata Nano, has been launched in India. It will go on sale in April, and will start delivery in July. The automobile costs only 100,000 Indian rupees, or just under US$2,000.  » Full story
Seattle - P-I Building 01.jpg
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the 146-year-old Seattle newspaper, made its final print edition on Tuesday, March 17, before becoming an online-only news agency. Pictured here are the headquarters of the newspaper.  » Full story
2009-03-16 Brampton murder 2.jpg
[edit] Credit: Nick Moreau
An adult son allegedly murdered his mother yesterday afternoon in suburban Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Police suggest after committing the second-degree offense, he carjacked a van, and drove to rural Port Hope, later driving back towards Brampton. Seen in this photo is a police officer guarding the backyard, while a mobile police command centre is on scene.
2009 CUN Award Party Stephen Baldwin 005.JPG
[edit] Credit: Ilya Haykinson
Stephen Baldwin talking to a child reporter from All Star Planet, at an Oscar viewing party held by Children Uniting Nations.  » Full story


Crash Turkish Airlines TK 1951 cockpit 2.jpg
[edit] Credit: Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
On February 25, a Boeing 737 registered to Turkish Airlines crashed at Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At least nine people were killed and a further 80 injured.  » Full story
Comet Lulin2 Jan. 28-2009 Swift gamma.jpg
[edit] Credit: NASA/Swift/Univ. of Leicester/Bodewits et al.
Comet Lulin on January 28 merges data acquired by Swift's Ultraviolet/Optical and X-Ray Telescope. At the time, the comet was 99.5 million miles from Earth.  » Full story
Harpers Silence - Omar Khadr - January 2009.png
[edit] Credit: Joshua Sherurcij
A protester outside the American consulate in Toronto protesting Omar Khadr's continued imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay.  » Full story
Bendigo Fires 07022009 1.jpg
[edit] Credit: Richmeister
By 7th February, bushfires across the Australian state of Victoria had killed at least 14 people and destroyed dozens of homes.  » Full story


[edit] Credit: Bjorn Engelhardt
Supercross rider Chad Reed in action at AT&T Stadium in San Francisco. He placed second after James Stewart at the event.  » Full story
PH Explosion - Tight.jpg
[edit] Credit: ShakataGaNai
A small explosion blew out the windows of a local cigarette store in Pleasant Hill, California. This is the fourth time in the last year that the store has had arson related troubles. The owner, Joe Banga, has decided to sell off the store because of this latest attack. January 22, 2009.  » Full story
Hashim Amla 2.jpg
[edit] Credit: YellowMonkey/Blnguyen
South African cricketer Hashim Amla in Adelaide, preparing for a one day match with Australia. Amla scored 80 runs not out, taking South Africa to victory in a batting partnership with AB de Villiers Photo: January 25, 2009, article: January 28.  » Full story
Allan Davis 2.jpg
[edit] Credit: YellowMonkey/Blnguyen
Australian pro cyclist Allan Davis prepares to start the Tour Down Under. Davis won the six day road race. Photo: January 18, 2009, article: January 27, 2009.  » Full story
Location map, showing Zigana on the Black Sea coast in the north east of Turkey
[edit] Credit: Jolly Janner
Ten climbers at a ski resort in Zigana, Turkey have died in an avalanche. Incident and map: January 26. Article: January 27, 2009.  » Full story
Temporal Euskadi 2009.jpg
[edit] Credit: D. López
Waves lashing the coast of the Basque Country. Photo: January 24. Article: January 25, 2009.  » Full story
January 2009 Bay of Biscay storm tracker.png
[edit] Credit: Jolly Janner loosely based on a BBC map
As a storm swept across parts of France and Spain on Saturday and Sunday, it left 15 people dead. January 25, 2009.  » Full story
Anonymous hacked nocussing.com January 21-2009.gif
[edit] Credit: DragonFire1024, ShakataGaNai
Screenshot of nocussing.com hacked by 'Anonymous' at 9:26 a.m. (Eastern time) January 21, 2009. Site went back to normal at 10:42 a.m. the same day. Article: January 23. Fair use image  » Full story
White phosphorus-Gaza-2009.jpg
[edit] Credit: Al Jazeera
Israeli munitions, white flames, and smoke that human rights group say indicate the use of white phosphorus. Video still: January 11. Article: January 23.  » Full story
Papua New Guinea earthquake January 22 2009.gif
[edit] Credit: US Geological Survey
A magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred between the islands of New Britain and New Guinea on January 22, 2009 Article: January 23.  » Full story
PH Explosion - Tight.jpg
[edit] Credit: ShakataGaNai
A small explosion blew out the windows of a local cigarette store in Pleasant Hill, California. This is the fourth time in the last year that the store has had arson related troubles. The owner, Joe Banga, has decided to sell off the store because of this latest attack. January 22, 2009.  » Full story
2009 0121 clinton 290 1.jpg
[edit] Credit: State Department Photo (by Michael Gross?)
Secretary of State-Designate Hillary Rodham Clinton is being sworn in as the next Secretary of State after approval of her nomination. Her husband and former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, holds the Bible. Photo: January 21, 2009 Article: January 22.  » Full story
[edit] Credit: Bjornengelhardt
Singapore Slingers John Fitzgerald. The Slingers are planning to confirm participation in the new ASEAN league shortly. Photo: January 5, 2009. Article: January 21, 2009  » Full story
[edit] Credit: International Solidarity Movement [1][2]
UNRWA chief John Ging speaks to the press at a UNRWA facility in Gaza on January 15, 2009. Photo: January 15, 2009, article: January 21.  » Full story
US President Barack Obama taking his Oath of Office - 2009Jan20.jpg
[edit] Credit: Master Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo, U.S. Air Force [3]
President Barack Obama being sworn in at the inauguration. January 20, 2009  » Full story
[edit] Credit: Master Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo, U.S. Air Force [4]
U.S. service members prepare for the 56th United States presidential inauguration rehearsal in the west steps of the United States Capitol Washington, D.C., Jan. 11, 2009. Photo: January 11, 2009 Article: January 20, 2009  » Full story
GPA02-09 US SecretService press release 2009 Limousine Page 3 Image.jpg
Obama's presidential limousine, a 2009 Cadillac. Photo: January 14 press release. Article: January 20, 2009  » Full story
[edit] Credit: International Solidarity Movement [5][6]
The remains of a bombed orphanage and a mosque in Gaza. Photo: January 13, 2009, article: January 18.  » Full story
20090118 We Are One.jpg
[edit] Credit: Jurvetson (flickr) (see his set of Obama pictures: [7])
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama enter the "We Are One" inaugural celebration down the steps of the Memorial. January 18, 2009  » Full story
UNRWA school.jpg
[edit] Credit: International Solidarity Movement [8][9]
UN aid burns after an UNRWA compound is hit by the Israeli military. Photo: January 15, 2009, article: January 17.  » Full story
US Airways Flight 1549 (N106US) after crashing into the Hudson River (crop 1).jpg
[edit] Credit: Greg Lam Pak Ng
A US Airways Airbus A320, Flight 1549, has made an emergency landing in the Hudson River after a failed attempt to take off near Manhattan. Passengers exit the plane onto the wings. January 15, 2009  » Full story
US Airways Flight 1549 in Hudson.JPG
[edit] Credit: Izno
A US Airways Airbus A320, Flight 1549, has made an emergency landing in the Hudson River after a failed attempt to take off near Manhattan. Rescue ships surround the sinking aircraft. January 15, 2009  » Full story
Lakewood Commons - Jan 2009 floods - 2.jpg
[edit] Credit: User:ComputerGuy890100
Heavy rain, combined with melting snow from a previous storm, have caused the US state of Washington to issue the largest evacuation order in the history of the state. January 8, 2009  » Full story
Snow in Birmingham, England, 5 January 2009.jpg
[edit] Credit: David Davies
Snow in London, one of the many European cities affected by the storm. January 7, 2009  » Full story

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