Teamsters Union comments on Tigger incident

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Teamsters Union has spoken out in defense of Michael J. Fedelem, a Disney employee who played Tigger at the Disney-MGM Studios theme park.

The international news media jumped on Fedelem Sunday, after he hit a teenage guest in the face.

Teamsters representative Donna Lyne Dalton says that the teen had been "agitating" the actor in costume. Dalton says the teen grabbed the back of the costume, effectively cutting off air. Because of his headpiece's limited peripheral vision, Fedelem was unaware he was swatting anyone, when he moved his arm.

On Sunday, video broke internationally of Fedelem as Tigger, hitting teen Jerry Monaco Jr. in the head. The New Hampshire tourist and his father both claim the hit was unprovoked.

"Nuh, no provokin' at all, ya know, it was all out of the blue." Junior told FOX News.

Monaco Sr. commented, "At first I'm upset with my son. I'm like, Jerry don't, ya'know ... but then I review it, I mean it's pretty clear, for no reason, he just clocked him in the face."

A full version of the video was released on YouTube yesterday. In the footage before Tigger's punch, Monaco Sr. taunts Tigger, saying "Aw, too much? Heh... I was on your head."