Tamil Nadu film 'Sivaji: The Boss' may have a delayed release in Kerala

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rajinikanth's latest film Sivaji: The Boss may be delayed in Kerala due to opposition to a ruling by the Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce. The Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce ruled that the film should be released in more theaters than the theaters which it is set to be released in (48 theater owners have bought the rights) so it can have greater exposure to the public, but the theater owners who have the rights to show the film disagree. They do not wish to lose money due to more theater owners cashing in on Sivaji: The Boss.

In Kerala 38000 CDs of the Sivaji: The Boss audio were sold on the first day, which is a first for a non-Malayalam film audio to sell. Sayanora who originates from Kerala is a lead singer in the song Athiradee, the song also features the voice of A. R. Rahman who is the music director for the film and also had made himself a name from creating the musical Bombay Dreams. The Sivaji: The Boss songs have been top of the charts in Tamil Nadu since they were released on April 2, 2007.


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