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Identified self as Edmund Schluessel, a freelancer writing for Wikinews

"Mark" -- works for vestas in finishing shop.

  • What's it like at the plant? How is the spirit?

"it's all rihjt, we're getting a lot of support, it's really good!" about 30 inside from 7pm main manufacturer of turbines in the UK -- \vesatrs is world leader

  • What kind of turnout have you gotten from the union?

not many union members -- majority don't belong to a union; it's p to others if they actually want to join.

  • What are your demands?

"vestas are not interested in keeping our factoryopen so we're asking the government to nationalise us" tried to make contacts w/ mps, no luck.

  • Who have you gotten messages of support from?

trade unions, swp, tuc, all sorts of people, even UNITE -- not the unions themsewlves but people who belong

  • Is this inspired by occupations at Visteon?

spoke to people from Visteon. "we have been inspired from them" "the people from visteon said that it is a gfiid thing to do and it is something that we should do to stand yyup for ourselves. they inspired us"

"thank you to everyone for your support and the continuing support you are getting we've got to keep on diong this sort of work -- ity's for all our futures"

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