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Games played at Sydney University Sports and Aquatic Centre

Corner Coddington Street and Darlington Road
In brand new basketball arena recently opened

(light v. dark in each case)

Grand Final
Sunday 8 September 1200
Stacks Goudcamp Bears v Western Stars
Final score: 40-43
Comment: Relentless defence by both sides. Amber Merritt and Kylie Gauci in a duel. Merritt succeeded in shutting Gauci down. Gauci nearly took Merritt out with a bone crunching fall sideways that crowd feared meant she'd done her shoulder. But Amber came back more determined than ever. Stars down by 9 points at three quarter time but fought their way back into it, eventually taking the lead. Georgia Inglis played really well. Took one near-impossible shot to just beat the shot clock. Gauci fouled out in the last minutes. Amber used the free throw to put the Stars three points up. Amimoto to tie the game with a three pointer, but missed. Amber lost it, burst into tears and hugged Mandy.
Bronze Medal Game
Sunday 8 September 1000
Victoria v. Sydney Uni Flames
Final score: 59-42
Comment: More like the old Victoria. Del Toso, Shelly Chaplin, Alice Hammond and Melanie Domaschenz all really good. Defence could not keep Sarah Stewart down, scored 34 points and 15 rebounds
Preliminary Final
Saturday 7 September 1900
Victoria v. Western Stars
Final score: 32-48
Comments: Stars defence good. Forced turnovers. Victoria unable to catch up. Merritt not as active as on Friday night, but still scored 25 points. Afterwards put a bag of ice on her right arm.
Qualifying Final
Friday 6 September 1800
Victoria v. Stacks Goudcamp Bears
Final score: 40-62
Comment: Victoria had no answer to Amimoto and Gauci, and was sloppy, with unforced errors and turnovers. Shelley Chaplin fouled off.
Elimination Final
Friday 6 September 1800
Western Stars v. Sydney Uni Flames
Final score: 66-34
Comment: Stars gave flames a total shellacking. Amber ran riot. Rest of team really fired up. Stars defence shut down Sarah Stewart, forced Flames to rely on Katie Hill.
  • Last season run by Disabilty Sports Australia. Next season is by Basketball Australia
  • 1 point MVP: Clare Nott (Western Stars)
  • 2 point MVP: Kylie Gauci (Stacks Goudkamp Bears)
  • 3 point MVP: Sarah Stewart (Sydney Uni Flames)
  • 4 point MVP: Amber Merritt (Be Active Western Stars)
  • These form the All Star Five with Cobi Crispin (Victoria)

(Tony Naar say Cobi is at University of Alabama)

  • Best New Talent: Ellie Cole (Victoria)
  • Leading Scorer: Amber Merritt (Western Stars)
  • Finals MVP: Mari Amimoto (Stacks Goudkamp Bears)
  • Overall MVP: Kylie Gauci (Stacks Goudkamp Bears)
  • Liesl Tesch gave a presentation to Lisa Edmonds who has been playing for 24 years! Lisa was part of the original Australian Women's basketball team back in 1989, and played in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Paralympics.
  • Amber Merrit showed me her scar. Looks more like a deep scratch along the right forearm. Told me that she had torn the muscle away from the bone. Plate removed.
  • Asked Ellie Cole if the award meant she was a basketball star. "Not yet." Says she isn't ready to give up
Team lists

Victoria: Melanie Domaschenz (4), Leanne Del Toso (9), Alice Hammond (10), Shelley Chaplin (12), Ellie Cole (13), Lynne Panayiotis Stacks Goudcamp Bears: Mari Amimoto (5), Kathleen O'Kelly-Kennedy (6), Liesl Tesch (7), Louise Sauvage (8), Melissa Collins (10), Kylie Gauci (11), Lisa Edmonds (13), Anthea Castelli (14) Sydney Uni Flames: Kristy Finlayson (40, Katie Hill (5), Caitlin De Wit (6), Jessica Cronje (9), Hannah Dodd (10), Jessica Pellow (11), Fiona Johnstone (12), Sarah Stewart (13), Rachel Xoady (14), Stephanie van Leeuwen (15), Catherine Nelson (21) Western Stars: Sarah Vinci (6), Mandy Bonavita (7), Clare Nott (10), Georgia Inglis (12), Amanda Nott (13), Amber Merritt (14), Natalie Alexander (15)

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  • I don't understand this at all. The article starts with the date, and notes above give times and dates for each game. Yes, I attended all of the games. Yes, this is a transcription of my handwritten notes (with the team lists from the program). No access to scoop. Added a bit saying that I attended per this although This and this indicate that this is not normal on Wikinews. Hawkeye7 (talk) 11:50, 10 September 2013 (UTC)Reply
The date at the start will be the date published, against which the article is anchored, so it doesn't say anything in itself about the when. A reviewer can happily add that from sources but from pure OR that's impossible where not provided. Of the articles linked, the first clearly says "today" in the lede while the notes confirm the author was there: "Arrived at Dolphin Oval Sunshine Beach at 1205". The second is non-OR so no quibbles on notes but I agree the lede should have contained a When for the focal event, which is a mistake. OR notes are effectively the source for the article; so, the article can't be the source for the notes no matter how apparent it seems because we direct the public there for sourcing details via {{original}}. In short; yes, it's a PITA, but that's OR for you. Without dates for the most recent matches it would be a tough call for a reviewer to insert a date and, tempting though it must be, they can't tamper at all with OR notes.

This seems fixed now. Will try and take a look. Blood Red Sandman (Talk) (Contribs) 12:05, 10 September 2013 (UTC)Reply

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Review of revision 1982579 [Passed] edit

Yes, the awards were announced to the crowd. Liesl Tesch gave a short speech about Lisa Edmonds. Ellie's medals were mentioned by the announcer but I forgot to write it in my notes. :( Trivial to source though, from say here. Hawkeye7 (talk) 13:05, 10 September 2013 (UTC)Reply
Colorful descriptive words can be okay, I think, depending on their nature. It admittedly can require some thought to distinguish when it's simply description and when it's making a subjective judgement that we don't want. There's a difference between, say, bone-crunching and soul-crushing; the former is colorful description of something that can be objectively seen. --Pi zero (talk) 13:21, 10 September 2013 (UTC)Reply
Yes to descriptors; they are, really, the lifeblood of sports reporting. They're always going to skate the edge of acceptability, of course, but that's not automatically a bad thing. As for Ellie Cole, I'm restoring per the above; ideally, the notes would specifically say the question/answer was about dropping basketball in favour of swimming but I think it's fairly self-evident from the surrounding info. Blood Red Sandman (Talk) (Contribs) 13:35, 10 September 2013 (UTC)Reply
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