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ClareWhite is in Rwanda. What follows was posted by her. - Borofkin 07:42, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC)

I have been in Butare today, where most of the refugees come from and where they are being repatriated to. Information is very patchy but i hope to be able to get more. However, there are some clear points of view, as well as sketchy details of the motivations for people fleeing and what they think should happen, which isn't being reflected in international reporting.

This is based on brief conversations and any information is so far unverified: one of our media group has been talking to refugees and army representatives and he may be able to give better sources. People here believe in the Gacaca process. They say that people have fled now because the investigations are reaching their end and people now know that the are going to be exposed in the process. They have heard 'rumours' that may have been circulated by former leaders of the genocide - or there may not have been rumours they may merely fear the trials - that there will be reprisals and violence. However, fear is also experienced by those facing testimonies at the Gacaca trial: the widows etc who will testify against their neighbours. I have been told by several people that high levels of security have been put into place in villages to protect people from revenge attacks for testifying or for being involved.

The whole point of the gacaca process is that communities will be able to testify for reconciliation. The process is that everyone involved attends a public meeting at genocide sites and attempt to establsh the 'truth' of what happens. This comes after the previous investigation stage and then afterwards communities will also decide on guilt or punishment. Those who have been in jail since the genocide would have this time taken off and there will be a mixture of jail and community sentencing.

The perspective of this that should be reflected is that if people are not returned, they will not be able to complete the process and reconcilitation, moving on, will be impossible. If criminals suspected of crime fled to another part of the country, they may be extradited.

These are all points of view I have heard today, if you can use them n the article that would be good but I appreciate there will need to be more detail on sources. ClareWhite 20.00, Kigali.

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