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A large amount of the content of this article, such as the passenger/staff figures are my own work, derived from figures given at hoovers, wikipedia or in the annual report. I've been a long time follower of Ryanair and have quite a grasp about the airlines affairs - I wrote most of the Ryanair article at wikipedia - bringing it from stub to a featured article. I've also read Siobhan Creaton's book on Ryanair Ryanair: How a Small Irish Airline Conquered Europe and Simon Calder's excellent No Frills: The Truth Behind the Low Cost Revolution in the Skies. I live in Ireland - in Michael O'Leary's hometown - so im well exposed to any news about the airline, so my observations and facts shouild all be correct. Any questions, just ask. → CGorman (Talk) 14:58, 31 May 2005 (UTC)

Staff/Passenger relationEdit

Is the comparison fair? If the comparison is made you must also know which type of personnel you are comparing. It could be for example that British airways has its own personnel for maintenance, cleaning, baggage handling, pension, etc perhaps at Ryanair this has been outsourced in that case the comparison is not fair. Can you comment on this, thx. - comment from

Also, British Airways fly's all around the world. Wouldn't a comparison between staff and passenger-hours be fairer? (these are minor points, though) - Borofkin 06:51, 2 Jun 2005 (UTC)
I don't deny that Ryanair outsources some work (althought for example all advertising is in-house, whilst at BA it is done by agencies). But Ryanair could not indirectly employ more than maybe twice its total number of staff through outside agencies; even that is proably at the upper end of the scale - so it is still undoubted that BA uses far more people to carry each person. As regards long haul flights; most of Easyjet and Aer lingus' flights are roughly the same lenght as Ryanair, yes BA would have longer average flights - but can that justify 17 times more staff per passenger? My point is meerly to highlight the brutal (and you can take that word in both meanings!) efficency of Ryanair compared to other carriers - including 'national carriers', 'low fares' carriers and 'quality' carriers. → CGorman (Talk) 09:42, 2 Jun 2005 (UTC)
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