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Party for Socialism and Liberation nominationEdit

WSS: Has the presidential nominee for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peta Lindsay, contacted your party about its presidential nomination?

Bob Evans: The short answer is "Yes."

Members/Supporters of the Party for Socialism and Liberation participate in the Peace and Freedom Party, as do members/supporters of other organizations such as the Communist Party, Freedom Socialist Party, Socialist Party (which is putting forward its own presidential and vice presidential candidates) and others. Probably, however, the majority of the Peace and Freedom Party activists, and without a doubt the vast majority of Peace and Freedom Party registrants, are not members of other left political parties.

The selection of the Peace and Freedom Party's presidential and vice-presidential candidates has, for many years, been made by the convention meeting of the State Central Committee, which takes place in August and is elected in the June primary election.

There is a possibility that a different process will be used in 2012. Peace and Freedom Party is not now, and has not been since the late 1970s or early 1980s, formally affiliated with a national political party. There is some possibility that will change for this election, as there are forces which are seeking to create a new independent socialist party (Peace and Freedom Party is participating in that process) and if that is done, and if Peace and Freedom Party then formally affiliates with it, the candidates would be chosen by the national convention of that party, although it would still have to be ratified by the August convention meeting of the State Central Committee.

Kevin Akin: William, Yes, she has, through Dick Becker of the PSL leadership. Do you have any additional information that would be helpful? Thanks. -Kevin Akin, State Executive Committee Member

Wikipedia: Campaign battlegroundEdit

  • Cody J. Davis: Hello I am the campaign manager for the Committee to Elect Mike Ballantine 2012. Mike has created a wiki page about himself. I would like to get a piece done about the campaign to Add legitimacy to his page. I would be glad to answer any questions.
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  • Usenduro post
  • Ken Grammer: What edits are you referring to? I only have one Wikipedia account and it is "usenduro". I've never posted as "usedoro" or any other account name for that matter and I haven't been back on in months now. If there is any concerns, you may delete my account. I don't plan on making any further updates or posts to Wikipedia.

Football coach running for presidentEdit


Will another GOP candidate consider a third party nomination?Edit

WSS: There's been a lot of speculation that Gary Johnson or Buddy Roemer will run as third party or Independent candidates to punish the Republican Party for excluding them from the debates. Is there any chance that you will do so?

Fred Karger: Not me - I'm staying in the GOP. The Republcan Party has not excluded us from debates, it has always been the networks. That is who sets the criteria. It's a problem oif numbers. They figure Eight is Enough.

Sticking pointsEdit

This list may grow, as I vet more things.

  • Boris Rasin's material is clearly opinion, i.e., POV. I don't see why xyr opinion should be considered newsworthy. For now, I've pulled this section.
  • The Karger material is a verification problem (as the author has noted elsewhere). In addition to the recent comments, I also can't verify that he actually did file a complaint — the related article only verifies he said he would do so.
  • I couldn't find that the PSL held a national convention on November 14, although the source article is of course dated the 14th, which is suggestive. (Actually, I couldn't strictly speaking verify they even had a national convention per se; they're clearly way outside the mainstream, so I assume nothing about how they operate. :-) I removed the passage, saying only 'in November'.
  • The Wikipedia battleground item doesn't look newsworthy to me. Some people tried to create Wikipedia pages that were deleted as not meeting Wikipedia's notability criteria; that in itself doesn't sound significant. Also, there's potential COI as the Wikinews author was personally involved in both incidents. I'd verified some (by no means all) of that section while mulling over those basic inclusion considerations, but I'm setting aside further source-checking on it now to look at other things.
  • Painfully, most of the images in the last section were from what I understand to be a rival news org, and I pulled them. No doubt some can be substituted with others we can use, but given the scale involved that's not within purview of independent review.

--Pi zero (talk) 14:04, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

For Karger, I could forward the message to your facebook account.--William S. Saturn (talk) 17:15, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

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