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Personally, I will not use flagged revisions to sight anything that has not been reviewed with the {{peer review}} template. Thus, it is pointless to try and self-publish, your article will not be sighted to appear on the front page.

As a result I have moved this article from publish to review and will take a look at it. My key concern is that the top source is the only one immediately obvious as dated today and is not a news report, but an agreement. Since the sources are not sorted by descending date the article technically fails review on style.

Ideally this would have a secondary news source to back up some of the assertions within it, as it stands there is only one from the NZ Herald. This covers the formation of a minority government which is not the same as stated in the article, "The National Party won a convincing victory over the Labour Party in last week's elections". A majority government would be a convincing victory. --Brian McNeil / talk 09:04, 16 November 2008 (UTC)Reply

Sorry, it was unclear that the review policy had been finalised. From the discussion here, people were still voting on it.
I have added more sources, including one to Key's election win. Since you're listed as being from Belgium, I assume you're familiar with proportional representation systems. If not, this result - a near majority - is considered "convincing" for New Zealand, particularly given the ease of coalition formation (we Do Not Do majority government in this country anymore - its a threat to democracy). But given that its the easiest way to cut the BS, I'll just cut the word, and leave it at "victory".
The agreement was the top source because a) I prefer to go to original documents rather then me tooing existing media; and b) no other news outlet had reported it yet except in passing. I've added a link to the relevant Herald piece (which wasn't available at the time of writing). I could add one to the same piece on Stuff too if you like, but it won't add anything - it all comes from NZPA, because they're the only people awake in NZ on a Sunday (I link the Herlald BTW because their links are stable; Stuff links tend to disappear after a month).
If you see minor style problems, feel free to edit them rather than simply pontificating. That's what wikis are for, after all.
Hope this helps. --IdiotSavant (talk) 11:13, 16 November 2008 (UTC)Reply

Review version 727463 edit

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