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  • If the Spanish flag is used as an image, it should be moved down some, and should not be quite so big. There should be an infobox. Key words in the body of the article (such as "Mexico" and "Tabasco") should be wikilinked using {{w}}; for example, {{w|Tabasco, Mexico|Tabasco}} produces Tabasco. There should be at least one place category and one topic category.
  • The lede should be short, only succinctly answering as many as reasonably possible of the basic questions about the focus. Details follow in the inverted pyramid; this may be as simple as inserting a paragraph break after the first sentence, depending on the first sentence.
  • Are five sources really used in this article? See WN:Cite sources#Considering the review process. Btw, sources should be ordered newest to oldest (which in this case means the one dated the 26th would go first).

--Pi zero (talk) 02:47, 26 August 2013 (UTC)

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