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Team USA profile from plus+


WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL As of 06 Sep 2012 - Name Status Date of Birth Sport Class Playing Position Club - Season 2011/2012 Int'l Games Played BINSFELD Sarah CNF 17 Jun 1987 2.5 G (2) Warhawks, Whitewater (USA) 22 CASTLE Sarah CNF 22 Jan 1984 2.5 G (1) Predators, Columbia (USA) 40 CHEW Jennifer CNF 05 Jan 1983 1.5 G (2) Lady Nuggets, Denver (USA) 23 HOLLERMANN Rose CNF 25 Dec 1995 3.5 F (4) Timberwolves, Minneapolis (USA) 22 HUNTER Darlene CNF 16 Apr 1982 1.0 G (2) Lady Mavericks, Dallas (USA) 16 MILFORD Mary Allison CNF 28 Mar 1986 1.0 G (2) Steel City Stars, Pittsburgh (USA) 40 MILLER Desi CNF 12 Aug 1987 3.5 F (4) Warhawks, Whitewater (USA) 27 MURRAY Rebecca CNF 15 Mar 1990 2.5 G (1) Warhawks, Whitewater (USA) 34 NICHOLS Alana CNF 21 Mar 1983 2.5 G (1) Lady Nuggets, Denver (USA) 33 POIST Jennifer CNF 14 Mar 1989 2.0 G (2) University of Arizona, Tucson (USA) 10 SCHNEIDER Natalie CNF 11 Feb 1983 4.5 F (4) Lady Nuggets, Denver (USA) 23 WOODSON-SMITH Andrea CNF 07 Apr 1972 4.0 C (5) Lady Mavericks, Dallas (USA) 28 Coach KILEY David Assistant Coach BUCHI Matt Assistant Coach THOMPSON Miles Legend (1) - Point guard (2) - Shooting Guard (3) - Small Forward (4) - Power Forward (5) - Centre C - Centre F - Forward G - Guard Int'l. - International ENT - Entered CNF - Confirmed

Gliders profile from plus+


WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL As of 06 Sep 2012 - Name Status Date of Birth Sport Class Playing Position Club - Season 2011/2012 Int'l Games Played CARTER Amanda CNF 16 Jul 1964 1.0 G (2/2) Vic Dandenong Rangers, Melboourne (AUS) 126 CHAPLIN Shelley CNF 04 Sep 1984 3.5 F/G (3/1) Vic Dandenong Rangers, Melbourne (AUS) 166 CRISPIN Cobi CNF 22 Dec 1988 4.0 F/G (4/2) Vic Dandenong Rangers, Melbourne (AUS) 125 del TOSO Leanne CNF 12 Aug 1980 3.5 F/G (4/2) Vic Dandenong Rangers, Melbourne (AUS) 62 GAUCI Kylie CNF 01 Jan 1985 2.0 G (1/2) Stacks Goudkamp Bears, Sydney (AUS) 177 HILL Katie CNF 17 Feb 1984 3.0 G/F (2/3) Sydney University Flames, Sydney (AUS) 110 KEAN Bridie CNF 27 Feb 1987 4.0 F (3/4) Minecraft Comets, Brisbane (AUS) 98 McKENZIE Tina CNF 08 Jun 1974 3.0 G/F (2/3) Stacks Goudkamp Bears, Sydney (AUS) 168 MERRITT Amber CNF 17 Feb 1993 4.5 C/F (5/4) Western Stars, Perth (AUS) 70 NOTT Clare CNF 11 Aug 1986 1.0 G (2/2) Western Stars, Perth (AUS) 134 STEWART Sarah CNF 13 Jun 1976 3.0 F/G (3/2) Sydney University Flames, Sydney (AUS) 165 VINCI Sarah CNF 04 Dec 1991 1.0 G (2/2) Western Stars, Perth (AUS) 35 Coach TRISCARI John Assistant Coach GOULD David Assistant Coach OSBORNE Ben Legend (1) - Point guard (2) - Shooting Guard (3) - Small Forward (4) - Power Forward (5) - Centre C - Centre F - Forward G - Guard Int'l. - International ENT - Entered CNF - Confirmed



Before entering stadium, we ran across Bridie Kane's family. We asked about the shirts and who made them. They said the mother of one of the players made them but they do not know which. The shirts are yellow with green print and really distinctive. I first thought they were Brazilian because of colours. The family were aware of the Wikipedia articles about players and liked them.

Ran across Katie Hill's mother before the game and she said she was really, really proud of her daughter. Hill's mother said following the loss to the Netherlands, the team regrouped and refocused and have been playing really well since then. Hill's mother was optimistic they would win.

When announcer asked who would win, crowd louder for Australia than USA.

USA came out in like warm up track suits. Australia came out in their game gear, warmed up in a circle as a team before shooting around. Team USA came out, huddled, did a Team USA TEAM USA TEAM USA chant in a tight knit circle.

Announcer sat in the Aussie area and talked to an Aussie family member. The family member promised on that the Australians would win, that a medal was in the bag. The family member said London was almost as good as Sydney. The Pom commentator did not like that comment.

Announcer said 52-50 v BRA game, then Aussies crushed second game with 51-24 win over GBR, with AUS losing to Canada 50-57, and then in next game, 58-49 against Ntherlands. Then AUS beat MEX. Aussies have won silver in Sydney and Athens and Bronze in Beijing but never won Paralympic gold.

USA started aiming for hat trick of gold. Murray is team star, 63-24 in game one. Game 2 was replay of gold medal against GER, USA lost 54-48. USA then beat MEX 67-33. The USA then played Chinese and came from 21 behind to pull it over into extra time. USA then played CAN and won in semifinal 67-55.

That bounce song is getting overplayed.

Every aussie introduced got a loud cheer. USA not so loud when introduced first.

During the the anthems, I counted five big AUS flags and two big USA flags in the sands.

First quarter


Guaci is starting for AUS. Announced asked for flags out and six USA ones appeared. Two big German ones. Two English ones and Uasises lots.

Crispine took tip for AUS. 8 for USA took tip and USA had first possession and made basket. 9:43 and 2-0 for USA. Tied up by 9:22. Gauci scored for AUS. Gliders fans chant "Defense Gliders! Defense Fliders!" The USA then ran shot clock out at 9:00 left. USA flags are scattered throughout arena. Group for school that is all girls where the hijab.

5 for USA first one to fall over. 8:33 left in the fourth.

3 Aussie fans in their glider shirts in the wheelchair section with thsoe three in chairs and one not. Glider fans chanting densen again. Gauci stipped ball and then down court, 9 caught errant pass, took down court, shot, rebounded own shot and scored: 2-4 USA at 7:49 left.

Why did USA pass OVER the basket area instead of just shooting it?

USA got fouled and 4 took free throw, making first 2-5. Then second one make 2-6 for USA.

They are putting two players on Cripstin!

Sarah Stewart makes awesome shot to go 4-6.

Aussies doing full court press.

Aussie fans chanting again.

Cirpsin almost had rebound before going out. USA possession. 4 seconds on shot click. USA doesn't get shot off.

Now Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! OI Oi! chant. 6:10 and Nott scores and all tied up again. there are some aussies in yellow and green wigs in the stands. Defense Fliders

USA got a shot cliock violation but Keane fouls and USA to the line but time out taken. Aussies have 4 fouls to 0.

USA misses first and makes seecond. Fans are loud. Gauci almost succeeded in a no look pass on her end of the court with 5:31 left but went out. Ball to USA. Sarah Stewart and Cripsin off. Merrit on. USA keeps gettin to foul line as Auisses lots of fouls. 6-8. AUS would bein winning if not that.

Gauci has ball. Under the basktet pass to Chaplin thn Meritt who shoots and misses.

Amber awesome defeense and long pass by Stewart to Amber. AUS running into shot clock s.

Aussies doign full court press.

Lots of jamming the chairs up. Huge ramming of sorts. Game almost headed to out of control.

USA is talking on court and can hear. Aussies too. Aussies compli,enting eacooher.

Amber tao wheeled.

9 for usa at 3:53 left went bobbling on floor but scored.

Claire Nott went down and foul against USA 9. Australia in bounds the ball. 10 does it for AUS. Hill passed the ball. Passes to Amber who catches with one hand but cannot convert shot.

Why the heck is Aussie so many fouls? Aussie takes time out with score 6-10 and 3:05 left.

THEY STILL DO THE MACRENA? What decade are the Brits in?

12 at line for USA. She shots first and misses. 5 and 4 behind the key for USA. 12 missed second one.

Merritt made easy free throw and 8-10.

Asussie fans cheering again.

Chaplin 2 wheeled in effort to block pass.

Merrot shoots and misses. Merrit and 12 for USA really went at it.

USA almost ran clock out but got off last second shot which they missed and AUS got the rebound.

Merritt goes down and gets a low five from teammate as she gets up.

USA made a substitution.

You can hear the wheelchairs hit.  Merrit not holding back.

Sheelkly fast breaks and 7 goes down for USA.

USA 10-8 winning. Nott dribbles. Why waste clock waitingf for teammates to set up.

Shoot it Sheely

She does with 2 seconds left and USA grabs rebound.

9 takes down floor and then.. shoots with 7 left on shot clock and makes 2 for 12-8 for USA.

Come on Ladies Come on Ladies says player on the floor. I think Shelley.

Then Merrit scored, 12-10 at quarter.

Second quarter


Kiss cam between quarter .

Amber fot shooting foul so goes to line. 15 for USA was the foulling player. Large cheer from stand of go Amber. It is all tied at 9:45.

Glider fans doing defense cheer again.

USA players often appear to pass across court under the basket instead of taking the shot. Aussies take lead by 9:05 and then Aussie fans chant. Tied up again by 8:54.

Aussies running clock ahain.

14-16 for USA. Complete traffic jam under the basket.

Crispin is back on floor. 8 fouls Australia. 2 gfouls so far this quarter by 7:45 against USA and 0 against Aussies. Change from last quaarter.

A Can still hear the hits. Yay! Aussie scores two to tie things 166 all. Defense! Gliders! ! chanting

Ball ended up rolling around ground and jammed there between bottom of wheelchair. Jump ball for USA

Awesome defending by merrit who backed into some one. Leans back and another aussie pins the USA and they strip ball.

Another USA shot clock violation. Ausitralians in their loud clothers are walking somewher. Probably for half time interview they do with loudly dressed anda or contest

6:26 and USA scores 16-18. Murray scored.

No one appears to be clearly setting up plays fr AUS coming down floor

Vinci goes down. Looks slightly embaraassed. Australians get possesion back. Shelly takes down in and passes to merrit ho basoses to Sheely who passes to Crispin who then makes first points and ties it up. Defense! Gliders! chanting by fans.

Aussie bench is realtivelt quiet.

Team USA bnenche also appears not to be doing chnaint.

4:54 or so and USA runs out clock again.

Merrit strips ball off AUS but in such a way to foul. Ooops. First foul by Aus this quarter. Merrit then off. And the Gliders@ chant.

USA clapping after basket but no organised chanting by USA fans. Ah. First time of game where USA fans chat around 4:10. Did not last long.

Gauci makes 2 and Aussie fans yay! cheer. 20-20.

Team USA fans hard to see as they are same colour as the seats.

Two team USA players almost fought eachother for the ball.

Then they pbbble and AUS get ball back and then Australia scores with 3:10 or so left and Australia ahead.

USA takes ball over the end lind and AUS psession.

USA makes subs.

Gaucie shoots and misses.

Gauci goes down. She looks so relaxed and smiling while she is down.

Asked for a cheer for who supporting and Australia cheer 2 to 3 times as loud.

Defense Gliders cahnt. Stopped wen USA score to tie at around 1:54 left.

Cirpsin scores under the basket to go ahead. 4 photogs shoot under AUS side where they make points. I count 5 on USA side in their little brown EP vests. This dow not count OBS.

Took USA 9 seconds to get over line.

Yay! Crispin shoots 2 and at 21.8 seconds left, 26-24 for AUS. USA nicholes went down.

Defense! Gliders@ chanting again. USA just wates time shooting.

Got off last second shot and tied at half.

Half time break


People actually booed the USA when annoucer asked for cheers.

Aussies got loud cheer as they went under for break.

Can they not find a Team USA supporter? They have Aus v Team GB in their half time fan shooting contest.

Dance competition at half time between school kids. They are truly awful. Cute but awful

One song was I'm secy and I know it. Better dance the third kid.

Six USA flags waved when asked. About 20 Aussie flags.

Third quaarter


Aussies score first. 10 seconds in.

Aussiesbench is chanting Defense! Gliders! out of sync with thei fans.

Australia is now ahead 4. 7:35.

Aussie steal the ball on bad pass.

USA keeps turning over the ball. USA coach is getting pissed off.

Australia takes time out.

They are doing the fast wave aroumd the stadium.

There are Mexican fans in the stands with their flag.

Great steal by Australia. USA cannot do much now but score is remaining unchanged.

Australia at 6:22 has shot clock violation.

Gauci got her own renound. Stuff happened and Aussie got ball and then scored and Australia has 6 point lead.

Aussie bench and their barrackers are again cheering defense! gliders! out of sunc.

Australia forced USA shot clock violation. Australia made subs.

5:10 left in quarter and USA has not scored yet.

12 had tipped.

USA made subs. 9 went 2 wheels to block nott pass. Then Gauci turned over. 8 for USA fell over aoff the ball.

Australia needs to shoot.

Amber almost gets ball in face. Then Ausutralia 10 gets rebound. Come on hil. Passes ball to Gauci and not able to get in.

USA shot clock violation.

Chaplin almost went over off the ball.

Nott fell over. Randomly. australia is making bad passes written.

Australians for shot clock. USA has yet to score 2:40 in quarter. Gauci scores.

3 fouls against USA at 1:23 by USA and 0 against Australia. USA and Australia make subs.

Gauci misses shot. USA finally got their first sort at 52 secones or so left. 10-2 in quarter. USA shot came off fast break.

Katie Hiull scores with 27 left.

Australia forces USA turn over. Quarter over at 38-28.

Australian fans can dance to I'm sexy and I know it. USA fans not so much at quarer time.

Fourht quarter


USA huddle breaks up faster than Ausies.

USA players look stressed and annoyed.

Australians roll back nto court with huge smiles.

Gliders on bench and fans out of sync chanting again.

USA scores 9 seconds in.

Australia called for travelling.

This is a gold medal game to determine who gets there.

USA almost had easy layup but ball bounced out.

Amber double teamed again. They also are double teaming Crispine at times.

Vinci was blocking 2 USA ian.

Australia has a shot clock violation.

Ausie bench randomly shotting. Gliders fans chatning.

Nott did nice pick and roll thing allowing Chaplin to move ball.

aussies getting close shot clock violation again.

8:06 and 1 personal goul against AUS and 0 agaisnt USA. Subs made. 38-30 AUS ahead.

USA runnint slock again.

Australians not letting USA have easy shots.

USA at line. USA misses first shot.USA coach is looking perplexed and scartches his head as he slowly rolls up.

Nicholls scores.

Stwear is on the floor and tried to do a block for Cirpsin. Some foul called around 7::31 but Australians get ball in court.

Australian male coaches all have on thse stripped ties. Lots of Aussie staff here.

Took USA over 8 seconds to get ball across the half line so Aussie gets ball with 7:17 left. USA

Left og one of the USA players on the bench os bouncing.

Defense Gliders! from bebcgh started and then fans chant and out of sync. They need practice. More Aussie fans sitting in wheelchair section.

Slovenia nad JApan have pffocoa;s watcjomg ga,e/

Gauci down again.

Dutch fans watching in their nice orange colour.

38-30 with 6:14 left.

Crispin wnet down but set herself right.

Tony said that Gauci would not be reclassified as I thought her skill was so awesome she risked it.

5:56 left and Aussies makes subs. USA at line. 12 misses first shot. And then mkaes second. USA is doing full court press. USA coach is leaning forward.

Fewer collisions and less wheelchair on wheelchair collision chant. USA chant sarted at 5:29. Aussie Glider fans shut that down by out chanting them. 5:23 left in the sourth. One of the Team USA people said Defense! Defense but not loud enough. And then Gliders and fans cant that again OUT OF SYNC.

USA coach scartatches head again.

Gauci fouls. Merrit and Chaplin come in for 5 and 6. USA Nichols score. Game is 5 pioints at 38-33 with 4:39 left. Merrit has doubnle team but Gauci block ting

Stewart dangerous under basket pass successful to Amber and then shot clock violation/

australia has yet to score.

Fliders chatnign getting loud. USA scores. Time out scored at 3:55.

Nice USA turn over with a pass to USA.

USA still taking to long to get ball up. Australia yet to score

USE is behing by 1. 38-37. Australia yet to score. Long meritt pass to Chaplin.

USA only has two players who score, with 2 players having scored 30 of their 37. STOP RUNNING SLCOKING

Australia makes a basket! 6 seconds left on shot slock,

AUS gets USA rebound and takes down court

9 and 14 of AUS went wheelchair derby on wrong half of court.

Gauci shoots two and makes

Jump ball after 3 players took on 10 for AUS.

1 small USA flag waiving wildly for a bit.

Australia needs to not throw airballs.

12 bobbles as she goes up an Australian.

Gauci defended well but USa player still got the pass off.

USA players have hands on eachother shoulders.

Nichols for USA has free throws. Gauci and 10 behind line for Australia for ebound.

12 mised first free thow. Australains make noise

Merrit gets free throw rebound. Gauci gets her pass and passes to Nott. Ooops. Ball bounces off USA so Australia gets ball.

55.8 seconds left ans AUS ahead by 3.

Aussie fans chanting during that time out.

12 seconds and AUS ibnbounds ball to ill.

Australia shoots half a second too late.

Australian fans still ouder.

Australia has 5+ fouls. USA has 3.

USA inbounds with 43.1 left and 3 points behind. Murray passes to Hunter who passes to 9 who shoots and game is now 1 point game. Australia takes time out with 27.2 seconds left in game.

Gauci inbounds ball. UA fouls Stewart. Gauci inbounds aahin and 9 fouls Amber. Desi Miller leaves with fouling out. Polite applause form the Aiussies as she leaves. Hill came in for 13. Aus has defensive line up. Amber misses firs free throw. That was bad.

USA gets AUS rebound. 1 seconed.

NO. 8 secons eleft

USA has shot clock violation.

10 for AUs fell over. 1.9 seconds left and Australia holds on to win! :D :D :D :D

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