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OSA notified by Narconon Georgia Director

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 ((WN )) Soon after the June 11, 2008 death of Patrick W. Desmond, Director of Narconon in Georgia Mary Rieser sent a memo to the Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Why would OSA have been notified of a death of a former Narconon patient? Is this standard practice?

Confirmed by sources
  • Pete Combs. "Patrick Desmond OSA Report" — WSB (AM), October 2, 2012
    • Per source: "Created less than 24 hours after Patrick Desmond died of a drug and alcohol overdose while a patient at Narconon of Georgia, this memo, written by executive director Mary Reiser, is clearly routed to the legal director of Narconon International, the executive director of ABLE Eastern US, the Director of Special Affairs at the local Church of Scientology and the Office of Special Affairs at the Church of Scientology International. While Reiser never reported Desmond’s death to state regulators, this is her report to Narconon and church officials."
  • Jodie Fleischer. "Whistleblower, memo link Georgia Narconon to Scientology" — WSBTV, October 3, 2012
    • Per source: "A Link To Scientology - The Desmond’s attorney shared with Channel 2 Action News evidence that links the program to Scientology. "Within days after Patrick's death, a memo was sent from Narconon of Georgia to the OSA, which is the church of Scientology," Harris said. “I have arranged for a minister to come ... He is not going to flap PR wise,” Rieser wrote in the memo. Catton said that means “it wouldn’t create a public relations problem.” "This demonstrates very clearly the connection between them, and it's not just the connection, it is a direct channel," said Catton. “I've never seen anything like this public before now.""

Correction to Rathbun statement about Narconon International President

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MR: "Yes, I gave Narconon Int President Gary Smith the green light to make medical supervised withdrawal policy. I was Inspector General (Number Two) at the time, 2002. The only one with the authority to cross order that was Miscavige. It is quite apparent he did after my 2004 departure." [Note: Clark Carr is currently president of Narconon International; Gary Smith is currently CEO of Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma and has been active in Narconon in Oklahoma since at least 1989.]

Correction confirmed by source
  • Gary W. Smith. "[1]" — Estate of Lisa McPherson v. Church of Scientology Flag Organization, July 16, 2002
    • Per source: "I am a parishioner of the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization. Since May 1989, I have been the Executive Director of the principal Narconon drug and rehabilitation program, located initially in Kay County, Oklahoma, and relocated to Arrowhead State Park in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, in July, 2001."

"Because Church of Scientology Inc controls every aspect of Narconon."

Text in article

MR: “Because Church of Scientology Inc controls every aspect of Narconon.” [Note: Per an August 29, 1972 letter by L. Ron Hubbard, subject “Narconon”, heading “Sea Organization”, “The incomparable Guardian’s Office has been running the Narconon (drugs no!) Program over the world.”]

Confirmed per Scientology source by L. Ron Hubbard

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Mark Rathbun interview confirmation

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Request for comment confirmation

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Time passed since Request for comment

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