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Reporting notes

  • Received a morning voice mail message from Riaz A Hakeem on Monday, February 26. The message constitutes the who|what|where|when|why|how of this report. A copy of the message will be forwarded to any community wikinewsian upon request.
  • Interviewed Mr. Hakeem via telephone later the same evening:
Talaban behind the threats.
2nd would-be suicide bomber female. Purse's searched at Koochi Bazaar. She was discovered by refusing to have purse searched.
schools where girls currently do not addhere to the practice of wearing veils are "where the medium of instruction is in English". Local language school dressing norms may differ.
Taliban have no formal education in the western sense. Taliban education consists of learning the Koran. Their mind-set [...] belongs to the 14th century.
"Taliban is a religious group that wants political power." —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Edbrown05 (talkcontribs)



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