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The page from 2011/2012 was to confirm roster, thought it is possible that this is not the best list. For me, this is common knowledge as I saw at least 10 games last season. Carly Wilson and Tolo both left. (This caused major angst.) Tolo left to play in Europe. :( Natalie Porter is also gone. --LauraHale (talk) 12:00, 26 September 2012 (UTC)

There were several posters in the arena stating the first game that Lauren Jackson would be playing in was on 20 October which is the Canberra home team. team schedule here. Announcement made over speaker for information on for the first home game on that date, and the season starting soon. --LauraHale (talk) 21:25, 26 September 2012 (UTC)

There are comments in line to help. --LauraHale (talk) 21:26, 26 September 2012 (UTC)

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These were drafted on notes on my iPad. --LauraHale (talk) 10:13, 26 September 2012 (UTC) China versus the Canberra Capitals 26 September 2012 Belconnen Basketball Centre Start time 5:45pm

Canberra came back on the floor about 5:20 and players warmed up individually before a shooting drill.  They had left around 5:10 or so.  China was practicing shooting the whole time.

Carrie Graff spun balls on her finger.

The Caps gave each member of the Chinese delegation a basketball, a mini one after the playing of both countries' national anthems.

Pretty much packed but not that many real seats

4, 11, 12, 21, 30 started for Canberra.

9,12,10,15,4 started for China.

Cosier earned first foul of the Game.  4 for China scored.  The made second free throw.  (China won the tip.)

Bibby scored the first points for the Caps. 2-2.

Push by China.

Graf was not wearing black or white top but a Caps shirt and a caps hat.

Bibby made a pair of free throws following bus at 4-2 at 9:00 in first.

Then Caps scored again and 6-2/  China then scored at 7:53 to make 6-4.

9 scored for China to put team ahead 6-7.

6:33 and 14 and 7 were subbed in.  14 was subbed on in place of 15 for China.

12 scor3d for China and got it to 6-9.

I love Bibby's socks.  And Shoes.  The habit of Caps of wwearing black socks and black shoes is no.

12 scored for Caps and 8-9, Caps behind still.  Dombkins almost had a good steal.   Both teams are moving the ball down the court quickly.

35 on for 21 for caps at 4:58.

Norwood got fouled and scored too.  Caps then at 9-11.  Still behind with 4:43 left in first.

10 for China went under the basket for a nice little layup in traffic.

4 and Dombkins went to ground writrying t wrestle the ball away.

Both teams are shoting but missing threes.  Caps behind 9-13.

7 looked like she was trying to kick the ball.  WRong game!  Not soccer caps.

Travel against China at 2:40 and then caps took a time out.

21 and 41 were going to come on for the caps before tim ut and yep, both on after.

Caps made a few stupid turnovers.

Coddington made a nice block that prevented China from shooting.

More people showed up.  More people than available seating. 

Hunt came in and 7 went ut for the Caps.  China not making as many subs.

Cosier came on and 14 went off.  Hunt at the line with 1:17 left.  Made first: score is 10-15.  Then made second: 11-15.  China has 5+ fouls and have for a while so caps ar e in bonus.

Caps had four people in the box after a shot

Sometimes, it doesn't look like the caps know who they are playing.  China looks like they are playing a zone defense.

11-19 with 9 seconds left.  Score ends first quarter with 13-19. Hunt made last second basket. Juniors sweep floor between the quarters.

Canberra inbounds bal to start 2nd.  Turn ball over to China before shot.

21 for Caps makes a nice steal with 9:43.

9:18 and fast break and China cannt slow it down to keep ball in.  Chinese bench has woken up at 9:10 to cheer.

Bibby shot an airball but thankfully, her team got  the rebound.  Hunt scored and score goes 15-19.  Yeah.  China bench is alive at 8:11 making noise and then at 8:04, Ardossi scores.

4 for Caps fouled.  8 and 7 came in for 4 and 5.

12 for Caps had airball or complete tono one pass.    41 comes in for biby at 7:34 and 13 comes in for 14 for China. 

Caps are doing better rebounding this quarter.  Or at least getting their own.

7:05 and 12 for Caps scored.  That was 9 points for her and Caps 19-21. Ardossi in for 21 for caps at 6:53 left.

Cosier almost fell into Chinese bench.

Person manning shot clock sucks.  They aren't changing it fast enough and it keeps going off AFTER the thing is scored. 

13 for China scores at 6:14 and score is 19-23. 14 came in for 41 for caps at 6:08. 7 for China tried no look pass tht failed. 41 passed to 12 and scored.

7 came in for 4 for Caps at 5:43.

Caps starting full court press.

11 scored for China and score 19025.  Scaps scored at 5:14.  21-25.

Caps and China thought this as wrestling 

21 came in for 12 at 4:50.

Both teams moving the ball quickly down the court.

3:50 and Graff called time out with score still at 21-25.  Junior plays keeping the floor clean again.

Graf is spreading her arms wide and being very animated on the bench.

China is playing a very perimeter game.

21 scored for Caps. 23-25 for caps at 3:06.  Chinese bench talking again. 14 for China scores at 2:54. 23-27.  Chinese bench loud.  Sounds like Box out.  

14 scores for Caps. 25-27.41 and 35 off.  Bibby and Noowwod on. 14 off for China. 2:27. 8 scores for China at 2:15.

Cps still doingfull court press. 8 for China shot a complete airball.  Norwood drew foul at 1:41. 9 came in for 8 on Cina and 14 came out for 15 for China.

27-29 following a pair of free thorws by Caps.  Second shot, the ball just say on rim.

China missed three and got own rabound with 11 for China scored and 27-31.  Then 14 scored for CAps and 29-31 at 1:00.  14 for China scored.  China doing full sourt press but not as aggressively.11 for China pushed at 41.3 left. 29-33 is score at 33.1 when China took a time out. 12 secos left and 29-23

14 makes last minute points for caps 31-33 with caps behind.  China did not like that basket counting.

China did not go in at half.  They shot around.

At half, Norwood is Caps leading scorer with 9.  (YAY! I GOT SCORE sHEET!) 14 leads for China with 12.

21 for Caps scored at 9:37 and scored tied in 3rd.

Cosier drew foul and to the line.  China is ahead 33-35 going in and Cosier narrows to 34-35 before ting it at 35 all with second free throw.

21, bibby, cosier, hunt, 12 started for Caps. 21 scores and Canberra goes ahead by 2. 

Bibby scores at 7:17 and 39-35.

China just shooting that whole hald mght not be good.

10 in for 12 for China and Arodssi in for 21 for Caps.  Caps took a time out.

Chinese players not using water bottles but paper cups handed to them by coach.

Caps have water bottles.

I love the shoes worn by the Chinese players. I want.

14 at line or China following time out and makes first free throw then second. 39-37.

Cosier did an awful tur =n over.

I love Bibby.  But just out of position for a pass at 6:30 ad=nd ball turned over to China.  Hunt is not pleased. China scores 3 and 39-40.  Norwoord then scores 2 and score is 41-40.   14 came in for Cosier at 5:44.  China's tall at times is not getiver covered.  Nicole Hunt makes umt shot at 5:27. 43-40.  

What sort of defense are the Caps playing?

45-40 after Domkins scored.  She got bonus shot bu missed.. 12 leves and Ardossi on.  Then three point and 48-49.  Caps fans cheered loudl y at the three.  It looks like Caps are playing man on man but at times, they look like they do not who they are marking.

Ardossi  and 7 are the guards. 

Caps score 2 more and 51-40.  Caps doing a lot more aggressive play but China scoes two at 3:53.

4 in for 5 at 3:38.

Coddington calling plays with hunt off.  And shot clock violation.  A real one, not a screwed up shot lock one.

China makes 3 and 51-45.  China has been getting open looks.  Grad wants time out at 2:49 but play not dead yet.    Yeah.  Caps are letting China get open shots. 2:33 and caps get time out.

This paper cup thing is weird.  Chinese coach yelled loudly once at players during that time out.  Graf was writing on her white board and very animated.

China still getting open first shot.  Then Caps jump all over them when China gets their own rebounds. 12 at line for China as Domnkins fouled.  She missed her shot. Then she made the secon and 51-46.

Seriously looks like Dombkins brought better game this season and Norwood and 21 are good.

14 for China and Bibby conversed during that free throw.  Then loud yelloing by both as ball comes down court.  Bibby was jumping up and down and pointing.  Werdness.

Bibby, Hunt, 41, 21, 12 on floor for the Caps.

Dear caps: Stop allowing China have the open shot. 53-46 with 4 fouls by caps and 5 by china at 1:18 left.

Bibby all smiles at 1:14 after drawing fol.  Then made first free throw and second. 55-46.  Was not smiling as she shot them.  Bibby is like all over the court.  The Chinese are running a lot of blocks but are standing outside the 3 point area until they go in for the shot.  As China in bonus, Caps at line.

11 out after earning 5 fouls for China.  Bibby makes first free at 50.6 and then second. 57-46.

Graf wants players to push down the court and 4 does.  She scores. 59-46.

Caps turn over the ball to end last 5 seconds of the third.  Ends 59-46.

Hunt, Bibby, 12, 21 and Cosier start 4th fo Caps. 12, 14,9, 4,15 start for China.  Cosier pushed at 9:43 to ground and Caps get the ball.

China still playing zone.  They are letting the caps have the perimeter on offense.    Chinese bench making noise with 9 eft. 59-48 with 8:51 left.  Bibby is guarding 4 but she is good at making pick plays.  Scored again China did and 59-50.  Chinese bench makingnoise.

12 for caps gets easy open shot after nice ass from Cosier.  Cosier made nice steal at 7:51.

Caps player travelled.   Caps ahead 61-50.  Coach said shoot to Nicole and Hunt does and score 64-50.  China is making a lot of subs.  They are waitig for chance to bring in players.  They did make three for score at 4-53.  Chinese platers stukk wautug to come in.  Hunt shot airbal and good on Ardossi keepng it in to pass back o hunt who then missed.  China wrestled rebound away and then scored for 64-55.

The speed of play has increase d a lot again.  Hunt has fnally slowed it down but drained the shot clock.  Cosier just beat shot clock.  China then slowly takes basket up.  China throws to space and their player gets it.   Missed but now 67-55.  Hunt just scored 2 at 4:52.  CHina then took a time out.

Still can't get over weirdness with paper cups.

12 for China has her fingers buddy taped and the game did not start out that way.  12 is on bench.  Following tie out, 11,5,21,14,35 on court for Australia. 9 scores 3 at 4:34 left for 68-58.  8 15 10 9 5 on court for China,  Bibby got fouled.  Second Chinese foul tis quarter.  Bibby makes first free throw.  Caps have zero so far this quarter.  Bibby makes second and 70-58.

Bibby then and goes to foul 10. 10 makes 1/2 and 70-59.  5 is calling plays for the Caps. 35 off and 12 on for Caps.  Bibby may be running plays.  Bibby can dribble between her legs. 

Able bodied players falling over is not as cool as wheelcahir ones falling over.  It just looks mean here. 

Bibby is good at drawing attentio to fouls.  Carrie tells Bibby to take the ball.  She had to be told three times.

I love the Caps.

Conclusion: My favourite spoirt is the one I am watching.

Caps have bad pass and turn over to China.  Chinese player looked like she took a dive. Hunt came on for 5 at 2:40.  TThen 41 came on for bibby. 9 inbounded ball. 9 missed three and Canberra ot rebound.   Body foul against 5 for China.  She fouled Hunt.  Hunt goes to line as China is at 5 gouls. 14 comes on for 15.  Hunt misses first free at 2:22.  Fans are doing polite clapping. 71-59 Caps.

Caps foul and 12 to the line for China.   12 makes first at 2:09 and then second. Full court aggressive defense by China.   China switched to man to man.

Nice.  Dombkins makes nice under basket shot. 73-61.

Hunt has ball and takes time to slow it down and set it up.

Play called against the Caps off the ball. 35 goes in for 21 at 1:19 left for caps. 73-61.

China is trying to shoot threes and missing.  When 7 takes up the ball for the Caps, the play goes faster.  As hunt is off, this is happening. Bonus 2 so Caps at the line.  China stands around discussing before 4 comes in for 14 who just gouled at at 49.7 left. Dombkins at the line makes first shot.  Chinese players are being loud on Court.  Dombkins makes second.  Ardossi lost player she was guarding.

China scores at .24 with 3 point shot. 75-64.  The commentator this whole game encouraged fans to cheer but alas! No one does.

Codding at the line.  She misses first one.

Game ends 75-64.  Good job caps.

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