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Australia v Canada women edit


The British fans cheered more loudly for the Canadians than the Australians. Following the playing of the national anthem for Australia, an Aussie fans saidAussie Aussie Aussie, which some fans responded Oi Oi Oi.

Australia comes into this game 3 undefeated in the tournament.

Canada lost opening game and was beaten by the Netherlands. They were the 2008 Paralympic Gold medalists.

Right before the start of the game, announcer asked which team people were supporting and this time it was about equal for loudness. --LauraHale (talk) 17:29, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Fans were clapping really, really, really loudly before the match started. This game was almost filled to capatacity. --LauraHale (talk) 17:30, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Kylie Gauci scored first for Australia.

Australia prevented Canada scoring first time down the floor. --LauraHale (talk) 17:31, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Australia scorewd second time down floor to go 2-2. Then Aussie Gauci quick score 4-2, stole ball from Canada but then sent ball out of bounds. --LauraHale (talk) 17:33, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canadians were chanting Get it out! Get it out! on defense.

Loud cheering for both teams. --LauraHale (talk) 17:36, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Australian bench is cheering again: Defense! Gliders! Defense! Gliders!

The Canadian cheering is louder.--LauraHale (talk) 17:36, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canada chanting when they are on the defense. One says something and the rest of the bench responds.

Australia's fans chanting along with team for Defense! Gliders! Defense! Gliders!

Ahead 20-14, the Canadians on the bench on offense were chanting "Let's go Canada". --LauraHale (talk) 17:49, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Australia appeared to have a low shooting percentage, with Cobi Crispin taking three shots and rebounding them all in quick succession before the Canadians fouled her and sent her to the line. (Where Crispin made both shots. Score 22-18 Canada.)

Crispine and Cindy #7 of Canada got their chairs locked together around 7:30 in 2nd quarter. They stopped play the Aussie coach came and removed the Canadians wheel and put it back to unlock them. --LauraHale (talk) 17:54, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Australia tied it up by 1:27 left in the first half. A shooting foul against #5 who made the free throw sent Canada ahead by one.

Canadians tipped over in their chairs more.

No Australian had falled over by half time.

Canada has fallen over at least three times by half.--LauraHale (talk) 18:06, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

33-32 at the half.--LauraHale (talk) 18:06, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canada's bench continued to be loud in the second half and were consistently louder than the Australian bench.

3:08 left in third and Canada leads by 1. --LauraHale (talk) 18:34, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canada made a substituion with 2:51 left in 3rd and Australia immediatel follows. --LauraHale (talk) 18:34, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Fouls are not leading to scoring problems off throws.

11 for Aus fell over with 2:20 left in third. First Aussie to fall over.

Aus tied it up at 2:04 left for 40-40. Australia gave Canada free throw as they had 5 personals and Canada into bonus. This then sent Canada ahead. At least the second time when Australia tied it up only to have Canada go ahead by one based on well time free throw. --LauraHale (talk) 18:37, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Australia finally got a shot clock violation near the end of the third. End of third with 40-43. --LauraHale (talk) 18:39, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

7 for Canada went down with about 8:15 left in the fourth. Still only one Aussie to have fallen over. 7 appears topping prone as she leans and bounces really far in reaching to block shots and steal balls.--LauraHale (talk) 18:44, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

7:55 and Gauci goes down again speeding down the court. 7 for Canada helped her up. --LauraHale (talk) 18:44, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

1:29 left and Australia down by 3 until Merrit made a free throw to bring it 49-51, then made a second one to bring it to within 1. There was conflicting cheering in the crowd between Australian anda Canadian fans, with the partisians chanting for both teams and thr British fans just cheering. --LauraHale (talk) 18:55, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canada took a time out with around 1:28 left and another one 58 seconds left with scores sitting at 53-50 Canmada ahead.--LauraHale (talk) 18:57, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

After time out, Canada scored 2 and brought scores to 55-50. Australia immediately answered back with their own time out. --LauraHale (talk) 19:00, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Merrit and Crispin both sitting at 4 fouls each. No Canadian above 3.

Australia inbounds ball, shoots, misses an d Canada grabs the rebound. 41.2 seconds left. Australia doing full court press. --LauraHale (talk) 19:00, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canada inbounded the ball and Australia quadruple teamed Canada. Ball has to come in again. Australia fouled for fifth to send Canada to the line on bonus, with Canada making both free throws and score is 57-50 for Canada.

Merrit shot for three and missed. Canada just rank clock down with 11 to go to win 57-50.--LauraHale (talk) 19:03, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Canadians still getting the loudest cheer. --LauraHale (talk) 19:03, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The loudest cheer of the night was when fans were asked if they supported Team GB. It was deafening. --LauraHale (talk) 19:28, 1 September 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Flash quotes edit

LONDON, 1 September - Comments from Amber MERRITT (AUS) after Canada beat Australia 57-50 in a group A preliminary game at the Basketball Arena on Saturday.


On playing in such a close game: "It was an experience. It was definitely the biggest crowd I've ever played in front of. It's so good to know the crowd are supporting not only the British fans but other nations and the sport as well. It's great to see people embracing wheelchair basketball."

On the opposition: "I have the utmost respect for Canada. They're a great team, but we'll refocus on the game tomorrow (against The Netherlands) and go out and play like we know we can, the Australian way."

On her expectations at the London 2012 Paralympic Games: "We have no expectations - you can't expect anything in such a close tournament."

LONDON, 1 September - Comments from Janet McLACHLAN (AUS) and coach Bill JOHNSON after Canada beat Australia 57-50 in women's wheelchair basketball at Basketball Arena on Saturday.


On being Canada's clutch player: "It has its advantages and its disadvantages."

"It is fun and I do enjoy it, I will not lie. It does put a bit of added pressure on and it is a new role for me, and in the last few years it has become my role."

"It is something I have not had since high school so it is tough to get used to, but I enjoy it."

On how she would describe her game: "I tend to be aggressive and I am physically strong and I am big so I like to try to use those strengths to my advantage."

"This team has a good feel and a good fit to it. We have worked well together and we have spent a lot of time together."

On how it feels to win the day after Canada lost their tournament-opener: "It is always good to get a win and it is our first one so it is nice to shake out some of the cobwebs and feelings that you are always fighting for a win."

"We have not doubted ourselves, but when you have not had that win under your belt, it is always there. It is in the background and it is nice to get it out of the way."

Bill JOHNSON (CAN) - coach

On his thoughts on McLACHLAN: "She is a great player and tonight she had a good night. She really came through at crunch time. She is cool under pressure."

On getting the first win: "I think all the teams have struggled in their first games and we did the same in our first half a game against the Dutch, who were having their second game of the tournament. Having that off-day really held us back a bit, I think."

"The Australians are a great team so to come out on top is great for us."

PNS aa/jjs

LONDON, 1 September - Comments from Cobi CRISPIN (AUS) and coach John TRISCARI (AUS) after Canada beat Australia 57-50 in a group A preliminary round women's wheelchair basketball game at Basketball Arena on Saturday.


On the match: "It was definitely a tough game, it's what we expected. We expected to go out there and fight for it and they just finished up on top unfortunately."

On the next match against the Netherlands on 2 September: "They are going to be another really tough game. We will go out like we have in every other game and stick to our game plan and hopefully we'll come out on top."

On always smiling on court: "It's to make up for all the abuse I give the refs (laughs). I love playing basketball and I'm passionate about it, it makes me happy and I like to show that with enjoying myself."

John TRISCARI (AUS) - coach

On the match: "That was a really tough game, and full credit to Canada. But we can't beat top teams in the world when we only shoot at 34 per cent, that was the key statistic. And we had a run on them in the third quarter and then we got into foul trouble. Two key players in (Amber) MERRITT (AUS) and (Cobi) CRISPIN (AUS) with four fouls, so we had to rest them and the momentum then swung back to the Canadians. Basically that's what our problem was."

"We took 12 more shots than they did, we shot at a poorer percentage, by seven I think it is. We shot at 33 (per cent) and they shot at 40 per cent. And also Janet McLACHLAN (CAN) scoring 28 points, you just can't compete with that. She's a mountain in there. Her shot technique is just perfect and she very rarely has a bad game."

On the next match against the Netherlands on 2 September: "Another top game. I've said to several people I believe this years' Paralympics women's competition, there's probably six points between first and sixth. So every game is tough."

PNS ra/aa/sb

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