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Journalist notes


The paperwork part was sent to scoop. It is a PDF with all sorts of information they provide related to the game, which I attended. It was right after the earlier game. The following are notes I took live on my iPad during the game while I watched from a press tribune.

The swedish goalkeeper wears glasses. He made a number of really nice saves considering the first quarter was spent almost entirely down in his net area. There were few serious shots on goal, so the Canadian goalkeeper was not challenged much.

The players compete sitting on sleds with two skates beneath them. The puck can pass under the sleds. They also compete using two small hockey sticks. One end is hard with metal and is used to propel them down the ice.

at 4:01, Canada almost had a third goal with a nice breakaway play while they were making a line change.

There were two reasonable sized crowds of Canadian fans in the stands where I was sitting. If there were Swedish fans, not visible where I was sitting.

Canada's third goal at 2:30 left was nice and looked almost like it banked off the post on its way in. Number 9 Anthony Gale scored and assisted by Tyler McGregor. And 1:57 left in first, Canada scores number 4.

Line changes involve skating through a door. The bench area is ice like the field. It looks seamless from where I am sitting.

Canada appeared to do a lot of line changes.

The announcements are in Russian and English.

Sweden really came out aggressively in the opening minute of the second period, with what looked like more time spent on the Canadian side. This only lasted a minute or two before Canada appeared to retake control and get a shot or two on goal. The Swedish goalie lost the puck at one point and almost let another goal in. (5 is in goal for Sweden.) 12:04 left in second had a swedish breakaway that was quickly turned over before any serious hallenge on goal.

Compared to able body hockey, this is slower and the players are not moving as fast. Neither is the puck. It is a bit easier to follow.

11:01 left and Sweden has another breakaway and comes closer to scoring but the puck handler lost a stick.

When Sweden gets the puck for breakaways, the fans get really loud.

They are doing the wave inside the stadium.

9:07 and net comes off the Swedish goal.

8:07 left in second and Canada has a good chance on Swedish goal but unable to finish.

Sweden does not do full line changes unlike Canada. Only one or two players. Their bench is much less deep, with only four visible non-goalie players, one of whom is away from the rest of the players. When they do line changes, it is one person only. Canada line changes are fast and everyone is involved.

Canada had a player in the box in the second period. Number 5? While short handed, they had a good shot opportunity. Then at 6:48, 11 for Sweden went to the penalty box for hooking so both teams were short handed for 53 seconds.

Canadaian coach discussed with ref at 6:48 , both refs. Not amused. After that, they went and talked to the Swedish coach.

6:25 left in second perid and Canada had a wide shot on goal. 6:08 and the Swedish goalkeeper number 5 almost lost the puck under his sled, and almost knocked it into his own net.

The goalkeepers play with only one hockey stick and the big catchers mitt type goalie glove.

Canadian goalie challenged more in the second period. Canadian goalie does some short little passes out to his players

11 for Canada scored with 3:13. Score becomes 5-0. Then they get some more good shots close to goal.

Players do fall over here, though it is not as dramatic.

2:20 left in the second and Canada scores again bringing the score to 6-0. It was looking like the Swedish momentum had died.

Following 6th goal and retuen to center for puck drop, Canada player entered circle too early and they had to drop it again.

Players with one or both legs clearly strapped into their sleds. Player n Sweden got a penalty for roughting around 1:50. Number 5 with 15 serving it. 5 is the goalie for Sweden so that makes sense. More timeleft in period than in penalty time. Things quiet during last minute when Sweden short handed. Canada looked more like they were plying with the...

... and then Canada scores. They were not just playing with the pick and getting time. 14.3 left in the second period and they score. 7-0.

At the end of 2, Canada had 11 shots on goal in the second period and 11 in the first. Sweden in contest had 1 in the first and 2 in the second. 11 Dixons, 29 Murrary, 12 Westlake scored the goals in the second period.

Sweden did a goalie change following the second period.

The third period started with the puck in the Swedish third.

Canada did a one person line change in the thirteenth minute.

13:13 and swedish break away towards Canadian goal. Huge crowd roar of anticipation. No goal. Canada goal at 13:01 swatted away a puck that looked like it might have had a chance. The puck going under the players is weird at times because it feels so unexpected.

Ah, found the Swedish fans. They are sitting in the section next to me and have the horn that sounds like a mini vizula.

11:45 in the third and net comes off the Canada goal.

Czech journalist next to me was reading the scores for NHL hockey.

They are really good at using their sticks, turning them propulsion to hit puck. It is just a slide down either direction.

More time down on the Swedish goal. Canada turned over the puck at 10>28 to do a line change. Managed to get it back quickly on their own end.

Wow. 9:38 and Sweden finally scored. This feels like it is the result of an earlier deliberate Canadian turn over to Sweden though not the one previously mentioned. 8 scored for Sweden. He was assisted by 20 and number 3.

Yeah, they do play the walls and bang into the walls, though more from the side than head on.

Power play midway through the third and Sweden is short handed. Puck is back in their third. Canada does a one person line change. They have been doing that more this period: Slow line changes or one person line changes.

And then Canada scores during their power play with 4:48 left. They go up 8-1. Adam Dickson scored with assist from 27 and 5. And then Canada scored again with 4:28 left in the third. Up 9-1. 26 Dominic Larocque scored for Canada with an assist from Kevin R number 5. (These are shown on the scoreboard.)

1,107 people attending.

Dominic had 5 shots on goals, making 2 when he scored the ninth one for Canada.

3:30 left in the third and Canada goes up 10-1. Scored by number 9 Anthony Gale. Rout. Rout. The Canadian fans are standing waving their flags. Ah, found a third group of Canadians.

Every spectator has a name badge. That feels weird.

Also weird, watching a player stick his sstick under the other payer's sled.

Sweden almost had break away at 1:48 but that was because Canada had a line change. Canada quickly came and took the puck away, putting things back on the Swedish third. Canada almost had a goal at 1:11 when Swedish goalie fell over.

Icing at 46.8 against Canada.

Game ended 10-1. Fans stomping and blowing things and whistling. Last minute penatly at 45 minutes though nothing happened. Different end of game with both teams on the blue line facing eachother, This took a long while before they went over to do the half line hand shake thing.

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I verified the part about the sledge blade because I looked and realized that does not match the picture. It was one some paper inside the press center and over the speaker.--LauraHale (talk) 12:07, 8 March 2014 (UTC)Reply

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