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I'm all for Nuclear power development in Australia. Austrlia has 28% of the entire worlds uranium and currently we're just exporting it. The reason why people wouldn't accept it is because they are generally uneducated about how safe Nuclear power plants are now. What is also funny to consider is that we already have a Nuclear reactor in Australia at Lucas Heights which is used for medical research (probably for creating Technetium-99), but really only people who're interested in it, or have done high-school grade science classes recently will know about it, and even then, those people will understand how safe nuclear power is. I think Australia needs to take advantage of their uranium stores.

Please cite your sources edit

1. "how safe Nuclear power plants are" 2. Lucas Heights is "probably" used for...

--elliot_k 04:11, 5 June 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Not sure what exactly you want here. You want a source to prove people don't see nuclear power plants are safe? Then just look around you. If you want me cite my sources for how they are safe then I just have to cite myself because I've done the study. I've done physics etc. and anyone who has will know how safe Nuclear power is now. Ever wonder why experts in the nuclear feild never complain about how it isn't safe?

And as for Lucas Heights you're twisting my words. IT IS used for making Medically used Radioactive Isotopes. The "probably" is whether they specifically make Technetium or not, which I am not going to cite because it isn't relavent to this arguement.

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