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Journalist notes


This is based on the press releases flooding my inbox. --LauraHale (talk) 17:40, 13 February 2013 (UTC)Reply

Press release 1


Press release – 12th February 2013

Ivan Tibau and Enric Ticó exchange the flags representing the 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships of La Molina

The Secretary General of Sports and the International Paralympic Ski Federation have delivered the flags representing the 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships to the FGC president, Enric Ticó and the mayor of Alp, Ramon Moliner.

The Secretary General of Sports of the Catalan Government, Ivan Tibau, together with the representative of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Mariona Masdemont have delivered this afternoon to the president of Governmental Railways of Catalonia, Enric Ticó, and the mayor of Alp, Ramon Moliner, flags representing the IPC World Championships in La Molina. This act, which was held in the Colet Museum of Barcelona, was the last official act before the opening ceremony of the championships, which will take place next February 19th in La Molina.

Between the 18th and 27th of February, the 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships will be held by this station of the FGC Group, and will group the world's best skiers in La Molina. These championships are one of the most important international competitions in Paralympic sports and will bring together over 270 people from skiers and guides to coaches and team members who will try to culminate many months of work and effort in the World Championships. In La Molina, representatives from up to 28 different countries will meet, from the more snow-related ones such as Italy or France to other less rooted to cold such as Mexico.

Find attached press release in word and a photo of the act, Barcelona 11th February 2013. From left to right: Ramon Moliner, Ivan Tibau, Mariona Masdemont and Enric Ticó. ©La Molina.

Team list


This is from an e-mail sent to me with the Spanish team list.

Dear Maria and Laura,

I can confirm you the athletes I will enter although I have not registered them officially because the system has not been open yet.

These athletes will arrive the 17 FEB

Jon Santacana (VI athlete) – Miguel Galindo (Guide) DH, SG, SC, GS, SL

Gabriel Gorce (VI athlete) – Arnau Ferrer (Guide) DH, SG, SC, GS, SL

The following athletes will arrive the 20 FEB

Ursula Pueyo (LW2) SL, GS

Oscar Espallargas (LW12-1) SL, GS

Nathalie Carpanedo (LW10-2) SL, GS

I don’t know yet if they will finally compete in the Team Event.

And here you are a list with the all the delegation members.






Athlete / Guide

GORCE, Gabriel



Athlete / Guide






Medical Staff


Medical Staff



BORT, Josep

Technical Staff

PUEYO, Ursula

Athlete OK Photo

GOMEZ, Andres


Nathalie Carpanedo Athlete (Wild Card)

I know I own you an introduction letter to the team leaders.

Press release 2


IPC Wolrd Championships: FGC Starts the Volunteer Campaign for the IPC Apline Skiing World Championships in La Molina and the World Championship for Telemark in Espot Inbox

6:32 PM (1 hour ago)

to undisclosed recipients

Press Release – February 13th, 2013

FGC Starts the Volunteer Campaign for the IPC Apline Skiing World Championships in La Molina and the World Championship for Telemark in Espot

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat has started the volunteers campaign, which has the objective of motivating people in order to create part of a human awarenessteam to embody the most important themes of the season in La Molina and Espot; the IPC World Championships for the disabled and the Telemark.

Volunteering is always an important element in organization any sporting event. Without them the success and achievements of the event would not be possible. Because ofthis, La Molina and Espot have initiated the ‘volunteer’ campaign, which looks for people who want to be in charge and volunteer for the IPC Alpine skiingWorld Championships, which will take place in La Molina between the 18th - 27th of February 2013 and for the Telemark World Championships which will be held in Espot from the 11th - 17th of March, 2013.

In order to create an international competition, with all of the ingredients of the World Championships, you need active people who like to work in a team and who have plenty of desire to make the championships the focus of their attention in the world of snow, throughout the entire competition. It’s a privilege to be part of this team, and it allows the volunteers to gain adequate experience, to be close to the best skiers in the world and to work head to head with people with extensive experience and different views.

There is still time to be part of the volunteer team, in a competition that will make history. It’s very easy to sign up, all you have to do is register on the web ( When it gets closer to the Telemark Championships there will be the option to sign up to volunteer for that race as well.

The volunteers can choose which area they want to lend a hand, in technical things, logistics, administrative etc… and thus they can become part of history for the World Championships. Once all of the candidates have been submitted, the profilesthat best suit certain areas of work will be chosen and there will be an informative meeting.

Motivation, passion and a great disposition are the principle characteristics to volunteer and these are things that all people admire, especially since there is no economic compensation for this; people have to do it because of their love of sports.

Find attached press release in word and picture of La Molina World Cup 2012 ©La Molina.

Press release 3


IPC World Championships: Which runners could get the most medals at the IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships in La Molina? Inbox x 10:39 AM (9 hours ago)

to undisclosed recipients

Press release – 13th February 2013

Which runners could get the most medals at the IPCAlpine Skiing World Championships in La Molina?

Usually it’s the best skiers of each country who attend World Championships and they will all be at La Molina to win as many medals possible. Amongst these runners there are some that are highly ranked in the general ranking of the World Cup 2012-13, such as the skier Jon Santacana.

The IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships along with the Paralympics and the World Cup arevery important sporting events. Being a high-level competition, the most talented skiers will participate, runners that since the beginning of the 2012-13 winter season have been looking forward to February 17th, the starting date of the World Championships.

So far there have been eight World Cup trials, four in the Italian resort of Sestriere and four more in St. Moritz (Switzerland). These were four trials in Giant mode and four in Slalom.

Henrieta Farkasova and Jon Santacana, leaders in the visually impaired category

The provisional classification of visually impaired runners is lead by Henrieta Farkasova (Slovakia), behind her is the Russian skier Alexandra Frantseva and 3rd is the Australian Melissa Perrine. Henrieta Farkasova achieved victory in five of the eight rounds of the World Cup in which she has participated so far, whilst Frantseva won the other three.

The men’s ranking is led by the Spanish skier Jon Santacana, who managed to get on the podium on four occasions, three in Giant trials and one in Slalom. The second position is for the Slovak Jakib Krako and the third for Frantsev Ivan (Russia).

The best skiers on wheelchair: Anna Schaffelhuber and Takeshi Suzuki

In the category of athletes competing in a chair or sit-ski, Anna Schaffelhuber (Germany) is the first classified. The Austrian Claudia Loesch is second and the third provisional position of the World Cup is for Allison Jones. Schaffelhuber has won five of the eight trials and Claudia Loaesch won the other three.

Amongst the men, the Japanese skier Takeshi Suzuki and Swiss runner Christoph Kunz haveaccumulated an equal number of 3 wins each. It is Suzuki who occupies the provisional 1st place as he has gotten better results than Kunz in other trials. Behindthese two skiers is Philipp Bonadimann, who is in third place having attained one victory.

First position for Alexey Bugaev and Marie Bochet in the standing Category

In the most recent ranking by category of athletes who will participate in the World Championships in La Molina, are the Standing Ski racers. French Marie Bochet is the leader amongst women, second is Andrea Rothfuss and in third position is the North American skier Allison Jones. Marie Bochet has already won six World Cups this season, making her one of the potential candidates to a medal in La Molina. Rothfuss and Jones, on the other hand, both have one victory.

The Russian skier Alexey Bugaev dominates the category of athletes involved in standingskiing. The second place is for Matthias Lanzinger (Austria) and so far thethird place is for Vincent Gauthier-Manuel (France). Alexey Bugaev has two victories in Slalom and one in Giant, Lanzinger, on the other hand, has twovictories in Giant and one in Slalom. The French skier has won one slalom race.

Up to 28 countries and 270 people in La Molina

All the runners mentioned above must be taken into account, since they are on the list of potential winners of a medal in the IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships in La Molina held between the 18th and the 27th of February 2013. However, we must not forget the rest of the skiers who will participate and since this is anevent in which one has to compete till the end, there could be a few surprises.

Getting a medal will not be easy at La Molina and there will be skiers from up to 28 different countries determined to get one: Spain, France, Australia, Ukraine, Netherlands, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United States, Austria, New Zealand, Sweden, Hungary and South Africa. In total there will be over 270 people, including runners, guides and technicians who will be at the station during the ten days of the competition.

Find attached press release in word and a photo of the spanish runner Jon Santacana in La Molina 2012. ©La Molina.



It looks like it's been a tough year for the @IPCAlpine races in Europe this year with the weather playing havoc at nearly every meet. by ScorginSki .

#TeamJakič starts our 1st IPC Alpine (@IPCAlpine) World Cup race at Rogla (@Unitur_Resorts) tomorrow, bib #42. Superexcited! #WorldCupRookie by TeamJakic .

When #TeamUSA races for gold at #LaMolina2013 @IPCAlpine worlds, they'll be in these new suits >>

Just finished some awesome SL training getting ready for #LaMolina2013 wish I could stop hitting my sore thumb on every gate. Can u say ouch JonnyVolcano44

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