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Journalist notes edit

Not sold on title and realize it probably needs to be changed. Outside of Australia and New Zealand, I doubt anyone has heard of the league and its name does not make the sport played self evident.

Sources used in the article are hidden inline in the article to make verification easier. I'm a bit time zonally confused as Australia about 17 hours head of me at the moment. Thus confused with dating. (I'm reasonably certain the sources dated April 4 in Australia and NZ were written on April 3 in Chicago. Erk.) Not sure I can find better pictures.

If not familiar with the sport, making a basket is described as making a goal generally. (People who shoot the ball are goal shooters. People who guard the basket are Goal Defenders.) The game looks a lot like basketball in some ways. Video below is Australian national team versus GB from last year and can give a poor idea of how the sport is played. (Better is probably found on Youtube.)

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